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We’ll Fight Buhari If… –APGA

All Progressives Grand Alliance Has Listed Terms For Harmonious Relationship With President Muhammadu Buhari

The days ahead may prove tough for President Muhammadu Buhari if the threat by the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to fight him if he ignores the need to make some corrections in the country, is not heeded.

APGA National Chairman, Chief Victor Oye, who though called for massive support for the President, said if he refused to address his perceived prejudice against the southeast geopolitical zone in his appointments, then, he would have incurred the wrath of the party.

Speaking exclusively to The UNION in Abuja, Chief Oye said APGA would pick a fight against President Buhari if he failed to correct marginalization of the Southeast in his appointments.

The APGA leader said there were no doubts that the southeast zone had been ignored by Buhari in his appointments so far. He noted that being one leg of the tripod on which Nigeria stands, the southeast geopolitical zone ought to be well represented in Buhari’s cabinet.

“I am waiting for the President to make his ministerial appointments”, Chief Oye said, adding that “when he appointed service chiefs, the next day, I challenged him. I asked him, where are the Igbo people. How could you have appointed service chiefs without an Igbo man? It was a gang-up; a sabotage.

“Now, I am waiting for him. He is a very upright man. I will continue to hold that opinion until he comes out with his list of ministers, ambassadors and chairmen of boards and parastatals. That is where the federal character comes in. “We will now weigh everything and compare it with what he had done before now.

Anything I want to tell him, I will tell him then, but not now. I hope he does not fall into that trap or temptation of promoting ethnic agenda. “I think he is too old, too big and too upright for him to do so. If he does not balance his cabinet when he appoints Ministers, he will run into trouble.

I am telling you just the truth,” the APGA leader said. Chief Oye also lauded President Buhari for the steps he has taken so far to address the corruption question noting that some level of sanity has returned to the public service.

He however argued that the National Assembly would remain in crisis until the right thing was done. According to him, the only right step that would bring lasting peace at the National Assembly would be the elevation of an Igbo man as senate president. “The crises will continue until justice is done.

As you know Nigeria stands on a tripod, hinged on Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. The Hausas have taken the President, Yoruba the Vice President and the number three post should naturally go to Igbo.

Now, there is nothing for them. That is what is causing the crises in the National Assembly. “God is God of justice and peace. So, anyone who attempts to do injustice is confronting God.

If you want peace in the National Assembly now, resolve to make Igbo man President of the Senate, the whole crises will die down. That is the truth. As we do things in this country, no one should attempt to relegate the Igbo people to the background. Igbo is very central to the continued existence of Nigeria as a nation.

They have made enormous sacrifices for the peace, unity and economic development of this country. “So, let us change our attitude towards Ndigbo now. All the ethnic groups must be held together just like in most developed nations so that peace will reign. We need to build a cohesive nation. The problem is that we do not tell ourselves the truth,” Chief Oye said.


– Paul Yovo

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