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Unilag-SSANU Past Leaders Move To Re-Energize Union

Titus Eleweke
In an effort to have one united and strong Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU), University of Lagos chapter, the past and present leaders of the union had recently organized one day workshop to X-ray challenges and proffer solutions.
The chapter has been undergoing some challenges, especially with two chapters of SSANU at Unilag , one at Unilag College of Medicine (CMO), Idi Araba and another at the unilag main campus, Akoka.
The national body of the SSANU had some years ago created Idi- Araba branch of SSANU which the management of the university of Lagos and CMO refused to recognize, even members at Idi- Araba opposed to the idea.
As fate would have it ,today, the same national body has banned the Idi –Araba chapter and stopped them from reuniting with Unilag chapter until when National unban them.
Some of the past leaders of the Unilag chapter are so worried that the National body has released the guidelines and date for the conduct of its officers’ elections and the SSANU Unilag is still divided, with two chapters, one banned from participating in the election.
According to the timetable, Unilag will have its elections on March 31st 2016 and the past leaders want the national body to lift the suspension to allow idi Araba members to participate in the elections.
Speaking during the session, the former chairman of the Unilag SSANU, Prince Joseph Adefolalu said the retreat was organized by the past and present leaders to reposition the chapter and SSANU for greater challenges.
He said the workshop was targeted at reuniting members for greater height, saying division cannot help SSANU to achieve its objectives
According to him, today the SSANU needs to define what it means by leaders in order to move forwards,stressing that money has become the defining factor in unionism and ‘no longer injury to one injury to all’.
“Can we say we have vibrant leaders today at Unilag and Nigeria? Can we rightly say those leading us have the love of union at heart? I think we need to reposition the union, not only at Unilag but nationally “he said.
Adefolalu said it is time for the past leaders to intervene to move the union forward in the university, saying that things are not working well in SSANU, Unilag.
He said in the past, SSANU used to have workshops and Seminars but today such do not happen again, rather leaders are looking for money.
“SSANU needs people who will lead us to the promise land and not those who will be blackmailing members for their selfish interest .Union person must not be corrupt. Today union leaders are blackmailing members for money “he said.
Also speaking during the workshop ,the financial secretary of Idi Araba SSANU branch, Mr.Ibrahim Lateef commended the organizer of the past and present leaders workshops ,lamenting that the present state of SSANU at Unilag calls for serious concern for any meaningful members.
According to him, SSANU Unilag had not had it so bad like this over the years, saying that the since the present SSANU executives came to power things have never been the same at Unilag.
He said the union has nosedived so greatly, and posterity will judge the present leaders of SSANU, Unilag for their actions.
According to him, CMO opposed the Idi Araba chapter of the SSANU, but the former SSANU president Mr. promise Adewusi, from Idi –Araba used his power to create it even when management and members were against it .
“The Idi –Araba chapter is death, but the present chairman of Unilag SSANU,Mr. Adetomiwa Adekola has refused to see us as members of unilag chapter .
The chapter is not recognized by the CMO management and unilag management they said they cannot manage two SSANU chapters .They do not recognize the chapter and member are not interested in the chapter. We are part and parcel on Unilag chapter” he said.
Speaking also the chapter person of Idi-Araba Mr.Olayiwula Mosadani ,said the Idi Araba is working hard to reunite with the unilag chapter because they are one family .
According to him, they have written letters to the national body demanding to be reunited with Unilag , since members are opposed to a different chapter in the same university.
“Mr. Adekola said Idi- Araba is on suspension ,we cannot come for a meeting but our money is not on suspension .
“He said we cannot attend meetings because we are banned but our money is being collected, our money is not on suspension. Something is fundamentally wrong with the system “he said.
At the end of the workshop, the past and present leaders of Unilag SSANU comprising members from Idi Araba, numbering about 28 agreed to intervene to restore sanity to the system .
They also resolved to write the national body to plead for the lifting of the ban placed on Idi Araba so that they can participate in the coming election.
Past leaders further agreed to work towards restoring the past glory of unionism in the university, saying that over the years unionism at Unilag has become issues of serious concern.

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