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Tukur Blames Nigeria’s Problems On Ethnicity, Religion

Ethnicity and religion must be divorced totally from politics while education of the people must be promoted for the development of Nigerians so that opportunities for the peoples’ empowerment would flourish. Former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Dr. Bamanga Tukur said this at his pre-80th birthday press conference at his home in Abuja.

Tukur said an educated population can work wonder with its education which would sufficiently espouse him to endeavours that would be solution driven still  stressing that divisive features of tribe, region state and others be jettisoned for the few uniting features of growth and development. “Nigeria should try to conquer the basic reason why we cannot move as a nation.

We must remove religion from politics. We must accept ourselves as Nigerians and not see ourselves as being from A or B state, or local government. We must ensure that anything, culture or ethnicity that we cannot change we don’t bring to the table.

What you cannot change we must endure. “You cannot change yourself from being an Hausa man to Igbo man or an Igbo man to a Yoruba man, or a Yoruba man to an Ijaw man. You can’t. So forget about that, it is not an issue. So don’t bring it on the table. Ethnicity should be removed from our politics. What we must bring into our politics is equity, justice and for us to be our brothers keeper. “We can do it. I have told you, God has given you land, water and us, as people that are what He gave to every nation on earth.”

According to him opportunities abound in Nigeria that can be converted to empowerment by intelligent young minds fully developed by education thus underlining the importance of education in the development of the nation. “To Educate our people is the key. We can work and exploit all the opportunities. We are talking about education and they are talking about power.

If you educate the people they will know how to get solar to get power, to mine oil to get power. They will know how to do everything to get power including using water. But you can’t educate them if you don’t have peace, or if you are divided. You can’t educate them if there is no equity and justice in the way of doing things.”

The President of the African Business Round table said that he believed that the failure of the Peoples democratic party in the last elections was a consequence of the popular decision of the Nigerian electorate stressed that the party has an opportunity to re-invent itself by making a surgical analysis of the causes that led to such catastrophic effect with a view to rebound but in the minds of Nigeria.

He said the PDP is a people oriented party and if the people thought otherwise on the leadership of the country and elected APC it is their right and a function of democracy. He argued that as a chairman of the party he pushed for internal democracy but was considered estranged. Tukur called on the party to evolve a means of simply identifying the reason for her failure in the election and solve the matter, he argued that the call for the total overhaul of the party’s leadership was uncalled for instead the matters should be treated in their own merit.


– Patrick Osadebamwen, Abuja 

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