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Tinubu’s Call: Oyegun Consults Buhari, Party Leaders

There are indications that National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, is in consultation with President Muhammadu Buhari and other chieftains of the party over how best to handle the outburst by embattled party member, Bola Tinubu.

A source within the APC told The UNION that Oyegun is consulting within the party on how best to respond to Tinubu.

Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos state, took internal wrangling in APC to a new height Sunday, when he openly called for the removal of his chairman.

In the lengthy letter from Tinubu’s media office, Oyegun was accused of special interest in the primary election to select the party’s flagbearer for the Ondo governorship election.

Specifically, Tinubu accused Oyegun of manipulating the primary and imposing a candidate on the party.

Though our source refused to comment on Tinubu’s call, she however said a proper response would be made after the consultation.

“The chairman is consulting with the President and others”, our source said.

Meanwhile, spokesman of the party, Timi Frank, has joined forces with Tinubu saying that Oyegun must go.

Frank, who said Tinubu’s outburst was a vindication of his earlier position on Oyegun, also said that more members will rise against their National chairman.

Saying he is unhappy with Oyegun’s leadership style, Frank who spoke to Journalists Monday, said that their national chairman has been unable to manage affairs of the party.

“Again, today is another joy for me that truly God has practically vindicated me in my struggle to save my party, the APC.

“It is very clear that I am one of the first persons that took the bull by the horn to foresee what is happening today in our party. I came out earlier on to say there were issues and crisis in this party. As at that time I was alone; nobody knew where I was coming from.

“The founding father of our party, the national leader of our party, has concurred to my earlier call that Oyegun should resign as the national chairman. That should let you know that I foresaw what they didn’t see. I knew from day one that the person we had as national chairman, yes he has tried by taking the party where he feels he can take it, but again you can’t give what you don’t have.

“Today the BoT is not in place and no elder’s council. Tell me, today if I have issue, where will I run to? Do I run to an NWC where Oyegun will preside over to drop my case that will not be answered? The answer is no.

“If you have a BoT or an elder’s council, you can take your case there. We cannot run the party as a one-man show. Let me tell you, a lot of my colleagues are complaining a lot, even in the NWC.

“Today now it is Tinubu that is shouting. I can bet you, more leaders will still speak out but if we don’t do anything to for this man to go. Let me tell you; this is what happened while we were in PDP.

“We were telling Jonathan that time ‘remove Bamanga Tukur’, this man is not competent to lead this party but they paid deaf ear to our calls that time. By the time they removed him, it was too late. That was the result of the defeat of PDP today.

“We must see how we can win the coming election in Edo and Ondo states, because if we don’t take any step to resolve these issues we will have ourselves to blame. This is my position and my call for the national chairman to resign”, Frank said.

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