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State of Emergency in Rivers, Ekiti: We Will Resist It…Fayose

Amidst speculation of possible imposition of State of Emergency on Rivers and Ekiti States by the  federal government over perceived insecurity, Governor Ayodele Fayose has warned that such measures will be resisted in the two states.
Governor Fayose stated this while speaking with Journalists at the State House after attending the first day of the NationalEconomic Council.
The Governor who said they had been waiting for President Muhammadu Buhari to declare state of emergency in Ekiti, warned leaders to beware of their actions while in office as they may turn round to hunt them in future
The Governor who was responding to question on the possible declaration of state of emergency in Rivers, he said: “They have been insinuating that too in Ekiti. We have been waiting for them. Power has gone beyond the leaders, power has gone back to the people”. “There certain things leaders will do today, you will eat it tomorrow
“You want to declare state of emergency, declare it and we will tell you that the state of emergency will not work too. This country belongs to all of us.”
This followed allegations by Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike over the weekend that some people were creating problems in his state to make the federal government to impose a state of emergency in the state.

Wike had said that such ploy would not work because the PDP was more popular in the state.

The States controlled by opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, had recently cried out over alleged plans by the ruling party, APC, to cause troubles in these states ostensibly with the view the imposing State of Emergency in the states

Department of State Security (DSS) had recently raided the Ekiti State House of Assembly where the personnel were reported to have arrested eight lawmakers while one of the lawmakers is currently being detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Fayose condemned last weekend National Assembly and State House of Assembly elections rerun in Rivers describing it as heavily militarized

He described the situation in Rivers as a service of ego of some individuals who believe they have control on the federal government.

Fayose said: “I want to condemn the election in Rivers State. I want to condemned the militarization.

“Like I said to some people yesterday, if say Ekiti election nobody was slapped, nobody died, the person defeated congratulated the winner, do we now call this Rivers election Rivers of Bloodgate?
“Because for a peaceful election in Ekiti and this in Rivers, the military has got no business in our election.
“Now, I want to say that if you watch the trend, PDP has always won all the elections after the annulment. Which means what happened in Rivers is just a service of ego of some individuals who believe they have Nigeria in their pockets, they can call Mr. President at will to deploy the military and its unfortunate that somebody would allow the military to kill his own people.
“I strongly condemn the elections in Rivers and charge that we sustain the legacy of transparent elections.
“For me in Ekiti, we learned from that and we are prepared. We prepare for election everyday and we are fully prepared.”
Governor Fayose also used the opportunity to warn the EFCC operators to stop “trampling on the rights of citizens.”
“And for the people detained in EFCC, it shows the rascality of the agency of government to the federal government to look away and allow innocent Nigerians’ rights to be taken away. I condemn it,”
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