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Shore Up Our Image, Dogara Charges House Committees

Speaker Of House Of Representatives, Hon.Yakubu Dogara Charges Newly Inaugurated Ad-Hoc Committees On Media And Public Affairs And Code Of Conduct To Shore Up Image Of The House

Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, yesterday inaugurated Ad-hoc Committees on Media and Public Affairs and Code of Conduct of the 8th House, respectively, charging them to improve on the image of the 7th House.

Speaking at separate inaugurations held in Abuja, the Speaker who was represented by Deputy Speaker, Sulieman Yusuf Lasun, advised the Adhoc Committee on Media and Public Affairs to correct misconceptions, improve on the corporate image of the institution of the House and position it as a transparent and accountable institution worthy of its representative character.

“When there is inadequate knowledge of parliamentary work, it often leads to cynicism, doubt, mistrust and general apathy which is not healthy in a democracy. “It is your responsibility to enhance the public awareness and understanding of Parliament, disseminate accurate information and educate the public on the operations and functions of the House, “he said.

On the Ad-hoc Committee on Code of Conduct, the speaker urged them to ensure that members demonstrate high standards of ethics consistent with the important roles of law making, Representation and Oversight of the Executive branch of government.“The Committee shall develop rules of such an ethics and Code of conduct regime with an appropriate enforcement mechanism for the House in order to e‎nsure that Members demonstrate high standards of ethics consistent with the important roles of law making, representation and oversight of the executive branch of government.

“Enhance the level of trust by the general public in the political system in general, and in parliaments and their members in particular, which will contribute to improving the status and  image of the Legislature in Nigeria. “Implement the provisions of Article 8 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, which provides for the development of ‘Codes of Conduct for Public Officials, “the Speaker said.

He further charged the Adhoc Committee to deter and sanction specific cases of unethical behaviour by Members in the broader context of preventing and fighting corruption such as conflict of interest issues, transparency and disclosure of interest on matters amongst others before the House. The Speaker also stated that the newly inaugurated Ad-hoc Committees chaired by Hon. Sani Zorro (Media and Public Affairs) and Hon. Aminu Shagari (Code of Conducts) will continue to operate until the Standing Committees are constituted.

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