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Senate Moves To Publish Air Mishaps’ Reports

Senate yesterday resolved to investigate the reasons behind the non publication of reports on air crashes that have occurred in the country by the Accident Investiga­tion and Prevention Bureau (AIPB).

Consequently, the Red Chamber, after a motion moved by Senator Theo­dore Orji on ‘The need to publish accident investiga­tion reports’, referred the motion to its Committee on Aviation, and directed it to turn in the report in a week’s time.

In his presentation, Orji expressed worry that no reason has ever been given for the non publication of the air accident investiga­tion reports by the AIPB, involving the Bellview and Sosoliso airlines’ crashes in 2005, Aviation Develop­ment Corporation Airline crash of 2006 and Dana Air­line (Flight No: 0992) crash of 2012.

“The publication of the air accident investigation re­port will do no harm to any­body, but will only enable pilots, engineers to learn from the past mistakes and help members of the public to be informed in how to also be vigilant as to devel­opments that could endan­ger their safety,” he said.

Orji lamented that, de­spite the loss of lives in the crashes and investigations ordered to find out their im­mediate and remote causes, the reports were never made public, even when it is the legal duty of AIPB to pub­lish such reports.

“The international stan­dard practice all over the world to publish accident investigations reports in form of a book to enable pilots, engineers and the general public know the cause of the air accident to forestall, or to guard against or prevent  further occurrences.


– Teddy Nwanunobi, Abuja

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