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Scarcity Of Petroleum Products Bites Harder

The scarcity of the product has taken a more dangerous dimension on the economy and has caused untold hardship to the people of the state hence the skyrocketed prices of food stuffs, transportation, and other services including labour in the state. “The prices of communities particularly food stuff have skyrocketed by over 200% increases.

Already, the cost of transportation from one point to another has increase tremendously” The reason for the scarcity still remains a mirage or unknown as at the time of filling this report.

A drop has increased from N50 to N100 or more depending on the distance whereas the prices of Garry and Rice, the most stable food for the people in the State have gone up by 100-200 percent.

More importantly, the scarcity of the product not only hindered economic growth but has caused inconveniences as the long queues hindered traffic flow in the city making some streets impassable.

Close to two days now, economic, political and social activities in cross river state have been grounded following the scarcity of petroleum products, particularly petrol and kerosene are biting harder. Sadly, there is no respite whatsoever.

A litter of petrol at filling station as at yesterday was N150 while at the black markets a litter goes for N200-N250. Investigations conducted by our correspondent revealed that filling stations in Calabar, Odukpani, Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Akamkpa in cross river state have no fuel.

The product though, found in one or two filling stations, the prices have been readjusted drastically. Motorists include commercial operators, (taxi drivers), private car owners and those who use fuel for their generators in the state are having a tough time to get petrol for their vehicles and for other usage.

People were seen roaming various filling stations in the state looking for the products that are no way to be found or available to buy. Further investigations showed that some marketers were already cashing on the chaotic situation to sell the Premium.

Disappointingly, the scarcity has spread to Central and Northern Districts of Cross River States. Though, the players in the industry claimed ignorance of the scarcity. Some concerned citizens lamented the scarcity of the products and blamed it on the rot in the system of governance.

More saddening, is kerosene, very few filling stations have the product. These stations have increased the price of the product by over 100% that is N150-N200 a litre.

Most homes across the State, including urban cities, have taken to using other means of cooking using fire wood. There are also reports of adulteration of kerosene. A dangerous and sometimes, explosion occurred when the black marketers of the product mixed it with unknown highly inflammable substance which claim lives in some states.



– Edem Edem , Calabar

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