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Scarcity: NNPC’s Intervention Ignores South East, South South

Motorists and commuters in the South East and South South regions of the country may suffer protracted hardship associated with prevailing acute fuel scarcity and soaring prices as daily products allocation of products from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) favours zones controlled by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Daily fuel allocation data made available to the media showed that NNPC pushed out 36.7 million litres of petrol to the market Monday but failed to create any palliative impact in the South East and South South parts of the country due to lopsided allocation.

Out of the figure, the north cornered 24.3 million liters with the products going to far northern parts of the country. South West zone of the country received 9.6 million liters of the government sponsored fuel.

South East got only 3.1 million liters; while South South zone received paltry 363, 708 liters. According to NNPC, Suleja depot of the Pipeline and Products Marketing Company (PPMC) loaded out 167 trucks with 6, 623, 017 liters of petrol on Monday, making it the biggest allocation from the corporation.

Kano came second with 151 trucks of fuel totalling 6, 147, 844 liters to address supply concerns in the zone, while Gombe came third with 5, 291, 455 liters of petrol from NNPC. Other supplies to the North include 90 trucks with 3, 443, 903 liters of petrol to Gusau; 46 trucks with 1, 849, 958 liters of petrol to Kaduna; 19 trucks carrying 629, 001 liters to Ilorin; and eight trucks laden with 300, 004 liters to Minna.

In the South West, NNPC trucked out 123 tankers carrying 4, 203, 990 liters of petrol from Mosimi depot and another 101 trucks with 3, 487, 020 liters from the Satellite depot also in the zone. Other supplies to the South West which hosts Nigeria’s biggest fuel demand for domestic, commercial and industrial application include 22 trucks with 832, 017 liters from Ore depot, and another 11 trucks carrying 413, 002 liters from Ibadan depot. For the South East, NNPC pushed out 55 trucks with 2, 933, 017 liters from its Enugu depot.

The supplies to Enugu which also services part of the North Central States of Benue and Kogi states is the biggest supplies to the entire Eastern Nigeria which hosts the bulk of the Nigerian oil exploration and production operations. The corporation added six trucks with 179, 995 liters from the Aba depot.

And for the South South zone of the country, NNPC pushed out only one truck with 32, 700 liters from the popular Port Harcourt depot in a state that also hosts the country’s biggest refinery and carries a reputation of anti-industry agitation.

The only other supply to the South South consists of nine trucks of 331, 008 liters of petrol from the Benin depot, as no product came out from the Warri depot in the day.

Consequently, acute scarcity of fuel has its greatest impact in the Eastern part of the country comprising the South East and South South zones of the country that incidentally host Nigeria’s petroleum resources.

Our market survey showed that the measures deployed against the lingering fuel scarcity are yet to register full impact as businesses in the East continue to suffer acute fuel shortages for both transportation and other commercial applications.



-Sopuruchi Onwuka

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