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SALLAH: No More Business As Usual, Says Buhari

In His Sallah Message To Nigerians Yesterday, President Muhammadu Buhari Appealed For Patience, Understanding And Support For His Administration

Tony Ailemen, Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians to embrace the spirit of sacrifice, self denial and patriotism, adding that it will no longer be ‘ business as usual’ as his administration strives to reposition the country.

The President, who stated this in his Sallah Message to Nigerians on the occasion of the Eid-elFitr celebration, declared that this administration represents a major hope for the country to regain its lost glory.

The President stated that this was the opportunity for Nigeria to break away from the vicious triangle of insecurity, corruption and underdevelopment and appealed to Nigerians for their maximum support to enable him to achieve success.

He said: “ reviewing our dire circumstances and the many missed opportunities of the past,  some commentators and observers have said that this is Nigeria’s last chance to get its act together and finally begin to fulfill its Godgiven potential for greatness.

“I believe that a greater accept ance by Nigerians of its key lessons of self-denial and sacrifice will serve our dear country well as we strive to overcome our present challenges, undo the damage done by years of bad governance and accelerate the pace of national development.”

The President also noted that “More than ever before, our country needs greater self-denial, sacrifice and patriotism from all of its citizens, if we are to quickly recover from our numerous problems and start moving in a positive direction.

“This current period of our life as a nation offers us a great opportunity to break from the vicious triangle of insecurity, corruption and under-development. We must collectively resolve to seize this opportunity and unite to confront our problems.”

The President assured Nigerians of his resolve to provide adequate leadership to drive the new national policy to ensure that the country not only achieves the desired greatness, but also truly unlocks its potentials.

Buhari who also noted that he was very mindful of the huge expectations from Nigerians on the current administration, revealed that he had been working meticulously to tackle the challenges.

“ I remain wholly committed to giving the required leadership towards undoing the wrongs of the past, ensuring that Nigeria truly begins to unlock its great
potential and that the benefits of our immense national resources are shared and enjoyed by all, not just by successive cabals of corrupt leaders and their cronies.”

“I was very aware of your high expectations when I assumed office and I reassure you, my fellow citizens, that since my inauguration on the 29th of May this year, I have been working with utmost dedication to meticulously plan and tackle the many national challenges which we identified and promised to resolve.

“To succeed however, I need your continued support, understanding and patience. “I fully understand and share the thirst of my long-suffering compatriots for corruption-free government institutions that work efficiently to deliver visible development for the benefit of all citizens. “I also share the feelings of those who think that we should be moving faster. But I urge them and all Nigerians to trust that my commitment to real and positive change in our nation is as firm as ever.

“There is indeed much work to be done, but we must do it well and carefully to ensure that the great opportunity which we now have is not lost to the “business as usual” group who selfishly or shortsightedly prefer a status quo that panders to their personal or group interests”. He, therefore, urged Nigerians to put the nation above self and stand behind government’s efforts aimed at ensuring that the challenges, which he said are insurmountable, are fully addressed.

“The adverse effects of years of rot,corruption, inept and bad governance on our nation are immense, but certainly not insurmountable if we all resolve now to place the well-being of our nation above all other considerations and work whole-heartedly with the present administration to achieve greater peace and security across the nation, and reposition our country for faster economic development and progress.

While wishing Nigerians especially those of the Muslim faith a happy Eidel- Fitr, he also prayed that the “Almighty Allah continue to guide us and bless our dear nation.”

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