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Reps: South-South Caucus Rejects Deputy Whip Position, Alleges Marginalisation

Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja

South-South Caucus of the House of Representatives yesterday rejected the position of the Deputy Whip of the House calling on the Speaker, Yakubu Dogara to be fair and adhere to the principle of federal character in choosing principal officers. The Caucus in a statement signed by its leader, Pally Iriase lamented said that there was a deliberate effort to marginalise the South-South zone in the choosing of principal officers of the House.

“We reject a proposal that purports to zone House Leader to South West in addition to Deputy Speaker and Chief Whip to North East in addition to the position of the Speaker already held. “It has come to our notice that a proposal purportedly emanating from the Loyalists Group of the House of Representatives had been sent to the NWC of APC wherein the South South is said to be allotted the position of Deputy Chief Whip.

Our immediate reaction is to repudiate the fraudulent and insensitive proposal. “We are members of the Loyalists Group and to the best of our knowledge, no proposal for the zoning of Principal Officers was discussed and agreed to by any member of the South South in the Loyalists group. Unilateral and self serving proposal by a few members cannot be said to have come from the group.

The statement said that it was insensitive to give principal offices to zones that have already been favoured. “ We reject the proposal and hereby call the Speaker to be mindful of the principle of Federal Character which is contained in the Constitution which he swore to uphold and defend”. It also said that it was matters like this that led to the way the National Assembly Leadership election turned out to be when the 8th National Assembly was inaugurated adding that the All Progressive Congress (APC) must learn to have have an inclusive government to move the country forward in peace.

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