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Presidency Working To Cow Opposition, Says A\Ibom PDP Spokesman

Iniobong Ekponta, Uyo

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the All Progressives Congress (APC) – led government at the centre, has been accused of working, albeit underground, to cripple the opposition.

Comrade Iniobong Ememobong, Spokesman for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State, said the Presidency’s hands should not be ruled out in the lingering feud in the former ruling party.

Speaking in an interview in his home in Uyo, the State capital, the former Students’ leader cited two conflicting judgments in different courts, on the same issue involving the PDP, noting that such judicial misnomer was deliberately orchestrated to create disunity in the party.

“The Presidency is capable of doing the unthinkable because it is lawless. If not, how can one explain two conflicting judgments that one must be obeyed and the other ignored…?”, he queried.

He explained that the desperation of the APC –led central government could be understood from its gross under-performance since assuming the leadership of the country last year, adding that the pains it inflicted on the polity has further crashed opinion poll to a near zero, owing to harsh economic policies.

“The people will live to regret every vote they cast for Buhari and APC”, he noted, and urged Nigerians to issue quit notice to Buhari for running a government of vendetta, as opposed to the people-oriented administration that the people yearned for.

He recalled that at the time President Goodluck Jonathan left in 2015, the Nigerian economy was still ranked number one in Africa with Naira still at appreciable level against the dollar.

“President Goodluck Jonathan left about 8 percent growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), now under Buhari, Nigeria is running at a minus and zero growth rates”, he said.

For this, Ememobong, a lawyer and former Aide to the State Governor on Political and Legislative Affairs, warned Nigerians to be wary of the Presidency’s antics, pointing out that Buhari was seeking emergency powers to silent the voices of dissent in order to cover up his shortcomings in the administration of the country.

“Since January, the Federal Government has been paying Federal workers half salary, forgetting that the cost of living in Nigeria has gone astronomically high with essential goods completely out of the reach of the people who voted for him”, he lamented.

Going into the polls in Edo and Ondo States, Ememobong assured that the PDP was working assiduously to resolve the crises rocking the party, both internally and in various Courts with a view to having one house to face the polls’ challenge.

“It is only an internal crisis that cannot be ruled out in any social settings. The PDP is one big family and we have all it takes to resolve the problems because one year is long enough for the party to put its house in order”, he assured.

He dismissed insinuations in different quarters that lack of internal democracy was fuelling crises in the party, explaining that “PDP remains the only party with the best internal democratic process, going by successful congresses the PDP had been conducting since the return of democracy in 1999”.

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