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Police Arrest Child Abductors In Kaduna

Gabriel Idibia, Kaduna

Two toddlers who were declared missing in Kaduna in January and March 2016, have been found with their abductors, Abubakar Adamu and wife Fatima Adamu.

They are now telling Policen what how they abducted the kids.

Aged between 8 and 5 years respectively, the two kids, Nasirudeen Mahmud, whose father was an orderly with former Vice president, Namadi Sambo, and Zainab Umar Sultana, were brought to the Police Divisional Headquarters Kaduna, Sunday alongside their abductors under tight security

The arrest attracted a lot of spectators including sympathizers, families and relations jostling to catch a glimpse of the child abductors who is said to be a successful businessman from Adamawa state, but resident in Kaduna state.

Speaking to journalists outside the police station, father of Zainab Sultana, said her daughter left home on a-two-minute-trek to an Islamic school at Angwan Sanusi, close to their residence on the fateful day, but never returned home.

With tears of joy rolling down his cheek, Zainab’s father explained that on discovery that his daughter could not return home from the school at closing time, they went to the school and neighbourhood searching for her.

“We also went to the school; asked the head of the school who said he called their teacher in school who admitted Zainab was in school, and was seen off across the road after closing”, the father said.

Umar also said that when all effort to find Zainab failed, he reported the matter to the nearest police station at Angwan Sanusi divisional headquarters, the media; district heads Angwan Sanusi, among others.

He however said that a phone call came suddenly after six months about her daughter’s recovery last Friday while on his way to pick his other children from school.

According to him, the call asked him to quickly report to Malali police station, where the arrested abductor, and wife, who claimed to be the biological parents of Zainab, but later confessed that she was not their biological child, were held.

“I did not give up hope on Zainab since I did not see her corpse. I named a daughter of mine after her based on advice by people”, he said.

The story of Sambo’s orderly, and father of the second abducted child, Nasirudeen Mahmud, who was stolen in January, was not different.

The abductor, who admitted picking the kid, not for any bad intention, had already obtained international passports for the two before he was arrested by police.

Police Public Relations Officer in Kaduna state, ASP Aliyu Usman, who confirmed the arrests on phone, said the abductors will soon be charged to court.

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