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Perm Secs Charged To Brace Up For New Dawn


The Acting-Head of Ser­vice of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita, has advised permanent secre­taries in the Federal Civil Service to prepare for the new dawn, adding that the time has come for new in­novations, better efficient and proactive attitudes to en­hance better service delivery.

Oyo-Ita, who stated this in her inaugural address to an extra-ordinary service wide meeting of the Federal Per­manent Secretaries, said it is a collective responsibility of all officers to protect the image of the service, ensure public confidence and trust in the system, otherwise the service will be left out of the scheme of things.

The acting Head of Service stressed that the Permanent Secretaries are therefore ex­pected to provide quality ser­vice in a timely, professional and cost effective manner, saying that Nigerians are not expecting anything less and most especially at this time when expectations of the peo­ple on the new government are so huge.

‘’I stand before you to re-affirm that at a time like this, when our country is facing various challenges, the civil service must be innovative and proactive by devising strategies and action plans that will assist the government in addressing these challenges, as the policy implementing organ, the citizens look up to the civil service to show the way by rendering services in a most professional, efficient and effective way.

‘’There is also the expec­tations of the international community, that Nigeria should lead Africa to achieve the new set of Sustainable Development Goals as the largest economy in Africa, we have no alternatives but to be innovative and repositioned to deliver efficient, timely and quality services to meet all the yearnings of our people.

‘’We need to provide an­swers to the following funda­mental questions: What is the ethos, the ethical and ideologi­cal world view that the service is to deliver? To what purpose do we deploy leadership skills and for what ends? Are our objectives clear enough for effective performance mea­surement?


– Charity Simon, Abuja

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