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Perm Sec To Make Case To President About Teachers’ Situation

Titus Eleweke

Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, Dr. MacJohn Nwaobiala, has stressed the importance of teachers in the national development, saying that he was going to tell the president to prioritize on teacher’s situation.

The Permanent Secretary who spoke to news men over weekend during the 2015 annual speech and prize –giving ceremony of the King’s college Lagos, said that teachers are key to quality education in the nation’s educational development.

He said he was going to make a presentation to the president, Muhammudu Buhari about teaching profession in the country, stating that their situation need to be improved. “I am going to tell the president to look at the situation of teachers in the country.

People say teachers rewards are the heaven, why can’t they have their rewards here on earth, while others are having theirs’. Teachers rewards should be here on earth, while waiting to be in heaven” he said.

According to him, for the nation’s education sector to improve, there is need for the teachers situation to improve also ,saying that there is need to prioritizes on teachers situation so that they will be respected and regarded in the society.

He said that teachers need to be respected in the society for them to be able to teach the children effectively, saying that in olden day teachers were highly respected and everybody would want to be a teacher.

The permanent secretary said, that if teachers’ welfare are not adequately taken care off, the education sector cannot development.

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