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People Now Return Certificates Fraudulently Obtained – WAEC

Titus Eleweke

Director of Information, West African Examinations Council (WAEC), Mr. Ari Yusuf, has said that some of the born again Christians are returning their Senior School Certificates Examination Certificates (SSCEC) fraudulently obtained to WAEC, almost on weekly basis.

According to him, it is a common development seeing individuals who say they have found Jesus in the offices of the examination body returning the certificates they obtained through dubious means. It was reported recently that at least 15 people have recently returned their certificates issued to them by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

According to the report, they explained their actions by saying they cheated during the examination, and now as born-again Christians, they could not live with “the sin.” They approached WAEC through letters seeking restitution, after they had confessed how they dubiously acquired their certificates, when they wrote the examinations at various periods. “

According to the council, “the candidates, in their letters of restitution, confessed that they were involved in various forms of examination malpractices in various years as indicated against their numbers. They have returned their original certificates issued to them.” The returned certificates were for both the May/June (school exam) and November/December (private candidate) West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

A breakdown of the year the examinations years revealed that the oldest dates back to June 1983 with certificate # SG 288999. The next is dated June 1990 (RS0680084c), June 1992 (NGSS 0994156), June 1995 (NGSS0265147) and December 1995 (NGSP 0169397), December 1996 (NGSP 0575264), December 2000 (NGWASSCP 038771), June 2001 (NGWASSCS 2451037). Others are June 2002, two certificates with NGWASSCP 4100224 and NGWASSCS 3894794 were returned and cancelled, June 2003 (NGWASSCS 5009313), June 2006 two born again Christian returned certificates with NGWASSCP 7747466 and NGWASSCS 8423755, December 2008 (NGWASSCP 05790031) and June 2010 NGWASSCP 13327157.

Ari speaking with The UNION following some of the born again Christian returning their certificates to WAEC said that is not a new thing ,those born again ,especially the Deeper members who cheated to obtained WAEC Certificates are returning their certificates almost on weekly basis . According to him, what the body normally does was to immediately cancel the result and communicate to National Universities Commission (NUC) and other relevant bodies for appropriate action.

For those who have used their certificates to acquire degree, he said that with the cancelation of the results they fraudulently acquired it is expected the various higher institutions should also cancel their certificates. “It is a common thing seeing people who fraudulently obtained WAEC certificates returning them to WAEC office and immediately they returned them we cancel their results and communicate to the appropriate authorities,” he said.

Speaking on the development, a professor of education administration at the University of Lagos, Prof. Virgy Onyene, said that since religion is the opium of the mass and at any point any person that found he had contravened his religious belief he can make amendment. According to her, the retuning of the certificates fraudulently obtained was a personally issues and should be commended, but quickly added that any person who committed a crime should be punished for the crime he committed, ‘though, this is for secular reason’.

On whether if those returning their certificates had made adequate restitution, she said that returning the certificate was the first steps of making a proper restitution on their sins, stressing their restitution begin with return of the certificates. According to her, one of the those that returned their certificates is 14 years only , and she could not have used the certificate to work ,but the question is that whether they will go back to secondary to write and obtain another certificate ,or not, ‘that is a different issue’.

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