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Oh Lord, Heal Buhari! Heal Our Economy, PDP Prays

Patrick Osadebamwen

Lead opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has taken the health condition of President Muhammadu Buhari to God praying the “Great Physician to heal the president of bodily ailment”, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, prayed at the Wadata House in Abuja, Tuesday.

Leading members who had gathered for the endorsement of all organs of the party in a prayer session, Ekweremadu prayed: “In Jesus’ name, our God and father, we know you are the physician of all physicians, the healer of all healers. Father, you give power to who you have chosen. This your servant, General Buhari, you have made our President today; father may it please you to give him good health.

“Whatever is afflicting him, father, we are appealing to you, to stretch your healing hands and make him whole again.

“Heal him and restore his health for the good of this country. We pray that he will return in earnest to continue the work that has been given to him. May it please you Lord to be with each and every one of us so that we will all be in sound health as he pilots the affairs of this great country. Mighty Jehovah, we pray.

“Lord, that you be with our President’s family. Help them Lord in their endeavours and imbibe him with great wisdom. At the end of the day, may all the glory, adoration be ascribed unto you in Jesus’ mighty name.”

Party faithful chorused “Amen” as the Deputy Senate President returned to politics, apologizing for the dwindling fortunes of the economy and the Nigerian currency, the Naira.

He pointed out that there was more to endure in the next three years but the PDP will come back in 2019 and reverse the dwindling fortunes of a country, he said, was once the largest economy on the continent.

Ekweremadu said the APC has continued to prove that the PDP is the best option available for the country in 2019 and assured Nigerians, especially those in the banking sector and the construction companies, that when PDP returns in 2019, they will be re-engaged.

Ekweremadu said there is light, beamed by PDP, at the end of “this dark economic and political tunnel”.

“Our dear party men and women, this is a new day and a great day for our party. We must apologize to certain institutions and aspects of our national life. And to our currency, we are worried and we are sorry about the dwindling fortune of our currency.

“We are worried about the weakness of our currency. But we want to assure our currency that by 2019, you will be strong again. Our economy, by the time we left in 2015 was the strongest in Africa.

“Today we sympathize with that economy. But we want to assure our economy that you will be strong again; not only in Africa, but in the whole world.

“We want to tell all of our people who are losing their employment in banks, construction companies that by the time PDP returns to power in 2019 the story will change.

“To the people of Nigeria, there is still hope. We sympathize with you with over what you are going through today. But with the PDP you are seeing today, there is hope for our country. And we believe we can endure the hardship of the three more years coming between now and 2019 because there is light at the end of the tunnel. And when this light will come, it will shine forever in Nigeria.

“Our promise to the people of Nigeria is that we are going to produce the next President of this country in 2019. We will produce the President based on superior argument. We want our President to succeed but we believe that we have better things to offer to Nigeria because we have done that in the past and we will do it again”, he said.

Speaking also, Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko, said the centrifugal forces that have laid siege on the unity, and citizens, of Nigeria have suddenly been energized by lack of management of the Nigerian state under the All Progressives Congress government led by President Buhari.

He said the impunity that seem to trace the various cases of killings across the country and the recent beheading of a septuagenarian in Kano has further expose the worrisome situation the nation is in.

He recalled that in spite of the agitation by various regional and ethnic groupings under the PDP in the last 16 years, it is clear that the party has demonstrated capacity to hold the country together unlike the killings that have characterized those under the present administration.

His word: “These are the worst of times for this nation. Our economy is bad, yes, but what is more troubling and should be troublesome is that every Nigerian is worried. This is an era I call unbridled centrifugalism. All the centrifugal forces threatening to tear this nation apart are taking strength.

“Why they are taking the strength I don’t know. But the mismanagement of the affairs of this country is one of the renewed strength of these centrifugal forces. We want to have a nation; we want to have a united Nigeria that is based on justice. We want a government that protects the people of Nigeria.

“We want a nation where those who have the mandate of the people will stand up for the security of this nation. These are very worrisome times for this nation and I think we need prayers but we also need PDP. If there is anything PDP knows how to do best, it is to bring this nation together.

“Whatever anybody would say about the PDP, it may not be a perfect party, but one thing anybody cannot deny is that PDP is a pan Nigerian party and it has succeeded in bring Nigeria together.

“For instance, look at the Biafra Day or whatever it is called; it has always been there. PDP was able to manage it, within the democratic ethos that people have a right to express their opinion and that government should protect all citizens in their right to protest, provided they are not violent. But what did we see this year? It is a new day has come.

“This day must pass away. A word for the press. Let me let the press know that it is in the overall interest of Nigerians for PDP to remain a strong opposition. If the press and all stakeholders will be sincere, we all know that the vibrant civil society that we use to know, where are they today?

“Even the voices of those who have been the alter -ego of those of us who are activists, where are those voices today? Are those voices silent because they agree with the trajectory that the country is taking today? Or because terror and fear have taken over this land. There are questions we must ask ourselves.

“It is not about whether you like PDP or APC, it is about the fact that in an era every dictatorship has always been preceded by an unbridled populism and thereafter the true character of that regime creep to the fore. In the absence of a vibrant civil society we need a vibrant opposition party. And therein lies the stake of all Nigerians in a vibrant PDP.”

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