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Obosi Monarch Celebrates 2015 Obiora/Iwaji Festival


The people of Obosi community, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State on Saturday celebrated the 2015 Obiora/ Iwaji (New Yam) Festival of the an­cient kingdom.

The occasion which was held at the historic Afor-Adike Square, Obosi witnessed the presence of notable personalities, various dance troupes and age-grades who took sev­eral turns to pay homage to the traditional ruler

the town, Igwe Chidubem Iweka III, who in turn gave his blessing to the groups and the town in general.

While acknowledging the unique nature of the 2015 Obiora/Iwaji fes­tival of the community, Igwe Iweka III lamented the backwardness nature of the town before his as­cension to the throne to the takeover by his miscreant in the various responsible offices which allowed im­punity and abuse of human rights and perpetration of violence by a certain group of people.

He warned that the community would no longer tolerate reign of violence and abuse of human free­dom in the ancient king­dom.

The traditional ruler who has battled the sale of il­licit drugs and kidnapping since he assumed office, however, reiterated his commitment and that of his cabinet chiefs in col­laboration with all relevant law enforcement agencies to eradicate criminality and sale of illicit drugs in the community.

He stated that Obosi would henceforth be known for its commitment to productivity and desire of both the indigenes and the tenants in rebuilding the land for future genera­tion.

While presenting the in­strument of office to one of the recipients, Chief Osita Orji who was honoured with a chieftaincy title, “Chinyelugo”, Igwe Iweka, said that the award was an honour well-deserved as Chief Orji who is the chairman of Ugwuagba- Obosi Landlord Asso­ciation has made enviable contributions to the devel­opment and maintenance of peace in the area.

In an interview, Akaeze Obosi, Chief Okwudili Oguegbu stressed the need for the sustenance of peace in Obosi as being championed by the tradi­tional ruler, adding that Igwe Chidubem Iweka III had transformed the com­munity just a few years of ascending the throne of his ancestors.

Many masquerades and various dance troupes from the town entertained the crowd. there was also presence of a highlife band which dished out ever­green music to the relaxa­tion of guests.



–  Ahamefule Chime,Onitsha

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