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Obiano Shines At Economic Summit

The governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, showed why he is a leader to watch with a riveting performance at the Governors Session of the Nigerian Economic Summit (NESG), drawing intermittent applause and positive comments from a cross section of the audience who were unanimous in adjudging him the star performer of the session.

Governor Obiano won the audience over with a masterful account of his strategic approach to governance, showing a clearly defined model of development that explores the human and material endowments of the state in a comprehensive, verifiable and sustainable manner.

The governor’s deft application of private sector best practices that emphasize the imperatives of clearly distilled Vision and Mission Statements in the achievement of group and organizational goals as well as his exploits in securing the lives and property of Ndi Anambra stood him out at the summit as a leader of note.

A thunderous applause resounded through the hall when  Obiano declared that Anambra was the safest state in Nigeria following his administration’s crackdown on all manner of criminal elements in the state in the past eighteen months.

The governor’s narrative of his exploits in agriculture, investment drive, education, infrastructural development and efforts at regional integration resonated with the audience who saw in his presentation the beginnings of a promising future for the people of Anambra State.

Obiano’s performance became even more outstanding when contrasted with the performance of some of his colleagues during the session whose performance seemed out of sync with the expected mood of such a serious economic gathering.

While his contemporaries exchanged mundane banters and poked fun at each other in a manner that betrayed a lack of understanding of the serious nature of the event, Obiano spent the time allotted to him offering deep insights into the economic blueprint of his administration and impressing prospective investors with his brilliant understanding of how a carefully thought out partnership between the government and the private sector can work for the general good of society.

Prominent private sector figures who attended the session were unanimous in their observation that Obiano has successfully transferred some best private sector philosophies of governance to the public sector, leaving some remarkable footprints and a trail of excellence.

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