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Obi vs Obiano Feud: Professionals Pledge To Intervene

The ego war between the former governor of Anambra State, Sir Peter Obi and his successor has taken a new dimension as a group known as Anambra State Concerned Professionals (ASCP) has joined the fray with an allegation that the cause of the war is the demand by the former governor for N7billion as a settlement for helping Governor Obiano to emerge as the governor of the state. The professionals, however , pledged to resolve the matter if the two parties can agree to a dialogue.

Addressing a press conference in Awka yesterday , the Coordinator of the group, Dr. Obiora Manaka warned the people of the state that unless they stood up to resist former governor Obi’s insidious attempt to extort Governor Obiano, Anambra would soon slide back into the dark days of dangerous political god-fatherism which led to the abduction of a sitting governor by a band of renegades acting upon the instruction of a well-known political god father a few years ago.

According to him, the group decided to break its silence on the bitter exchanges between the former governor and his successor when it noticed that most people in the state had no clear idea why Obi was up in arms against the current governor. “Gentlemen of the press, Peter Obi wants Obiano to be paying him the sum of N50million every month. That is the heart of the matter,” he declared. Speaking further, Dr Manaka said, “You may recall that early in the life of the Obiano administration, the Anambra State Concerned Professionals (ASCP) had placed several advertorials in the newspapers warning our people that Obi’s 75bn legacy was pure fiction.

We also warned Governor Obiano in one of the advertorials published in The Nation on Tuesday April 25, 2014 not to accede to Obi’s demand for N7billion refund but as usual, nobody took our warning serious. Now, look at where we are today. Former governor Obi has finally come out to destabilise the state and he will do it if we do not put up a serious resistance as a people,” Dr Manaka revealed. Speaking further, the Coordinator of the group dismissed the vitriolic media attacks unleashed against Governor Obiano and his family by former governor Obi and his supporters as a cheap blackmail, arguing that Anambra had seen it before.

“Somebody should tell Peter Obi and his camp and that we are neither impressed nor intimidated by their antics. Our recent political history has prepared us to know blackmailers when we see one,” he declared. Disclosing that the next phase of the group’s plan was to submit its petition to EFCC, ICPC, Transparency International and other human and economic rights watchdogs, Dr. Manaka revealed that the group had compiled a comprehensive report on former governor Obi’s stewardship which it planned to share with the people in a proposed Town Hall meeting scheduled for the second week of December 2015.

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