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NLC Threatens Strike Over Fuel Scarcity

Agaju Madugba

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has threatened to direct workers nationwide to remain at home if the ongoing scarcity of fuel persists. “If the current scarcity and price robbery of Nigerians continue, the Nigeria labour Congress, may have no choice than to compel workers to stay at home,” the NLC said in a press statement yesterday.

The statement signed by the union’s Deputy President, Issa Aremu, regretted that Nigeria is the only country on earth which “unacceptably and criminally” denies its citizens basic sources Teddy Nwanunobi, Abuja The crisis rocking the All Progressives Congress (APC) over the choice of the Senate President deepened yesterday, with the party’s Unity Forum claiming that there was never a time at its retreat where and when the issue of a primary election to pick the Senate President was tabled or agreed upon.

Last Saturday, two separate groups of APC senators claimed that they have each agreed on a particular choice of candidate for the exulted position of the National Assembly Chairman. While the Like Mind Senators claimed that they have chosen Senator Abubakar Saraki as the Senate President, members of the Unity Forum claimed that they have chosen Senator Lawan Ahmad as the Senate President with Senator George Akume as the Deputy Senate President.

The Like Mind Senators also claimed that they have 35 APC senators, who signed for Saraki’s candidature. But members of the Unity Forum, however, came out with a counter claim yesterday that they presently have “about 37 senators have agreed to the Lawan/ Akume arrangement”.

Their stand is contained in an emailed statement signed by the quartet of Senator Robert Ajayi from the South-West, Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim from the North-East, Senator Barnabas Gemade from the North-Central and Senator Abu Ibrahim from the North-West.

“For the records, there was no time before the retreat, during the retreat or after the retreat where and when the issue of a primary election to pick the Senate President was tabled or agreed upon. Nowhere in the party leadership structure can we find the mandate for the conduct of any election with regard to the emergence of the Senate Presidency candidate. Any contrary information, out there in the social or any kind of media is false, self–serving and intended to mislead the public.

“As far as we know, the National Chairman of the party, John Oyegun, gave the advice that we all meet in an effort to build a consensus among the different camps towards finding an harmonious solution. That was how far it went. There was no election that was called.

It was now left for the APC members at the retreat to internally bond together to find a workable solution. “To this end, different caucuses met from the entire geopolitical zone to discuss the candidacy of those contending for the Senate Presidency.

After the caucusing, the members of the Unity Forum comprising of senators from the North East, North Central, North West and South West reached a resolution to support the Senator Lawan of energy, fuel and electricity. According to the statement, “there is a limit to slavery and marketers’ extortions.

“With an outgoing President and expected incoming President, five past heads of state alive, 36 state governors and hundreds of legislators and scores of ministers, no country on earth parades the highest number of state actors. “We also have high-sounding agencies such as NNPC, PPRA among others and yet there is no governance with respect to basic distribution of basic products like petroleum and kerosene.

“This agony capitalism must be mass resisted by all Nigerians   “After several weeks of deliberate deprivation of petroleum products by both the government and marketers alike with all the associated hardships, it is time all Nigerians stopped agonizing and rise in unison against this capitalism.

“What is happening in Nigeria amounts to economicide which is a conscious subjugation of 170 million people to economic suicide and economic ruination through unsustainable petroleum import-based racket that denies petroleum products needed for mass movement of goods and services, enriches few cabal, puts pressures on foreign exchange,   fuels products hoarding and promotes sheer price robbery of the already impoverished citizens.

“This is an unofficial declaration of war against the citizens by combined forces of irresponsible ruling elite and business crooks. “Economicide just like genocide is deliberate and indiscriminate policy violence against a group of people with the intent to destroy the entire group physically and economically.”

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