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Nkpor- Amawbia Road Wholly Done By Obi –Aide

There is no controversy as to the person that started and completed the Nkpor-Amawbia old road, according to a statement by Mr. Valentine Obienyem, the Media Assistant to the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi.

Obienyem said that the clarification became necessary because of avalanche of calls and text messages he has been inundated with since two days ago, all requesting that he confirms if the road was started and completed by Mr. Peter Obi against the claim of the present Governor that Obi did only 10 kilometers of the 28.2 kilometers, whereas he himself completed the remaining 8.2 kilometers.

Obienyem disclosed that the road was awarded to CCC construction company in 2008 by Mr. Peter Obi and was completed long before Governor Willie Obiano took over.

Obienyem who described Governor Obiano as a gentleman, who was in the USA before he was brought to contest the governorship election and therefore could be said not to be on ground to witness, first hand, the extent of the transformation that Anambra has been witnessing since the time of Dr. Chris Ngige, said that the blame for the misinformation should be on Obiano’s commissioners.

“I mean some of the Commissioners were part of the former Government, example being the present Commissioner for works. It is really confounding that he allowed or misled Obiano to claim to have done part of the road that was already completed before he became the Governor. All Obiano added to the road was the marking,” Obienyem submitted.

Obienyem also blamed his boss and the former Governor, Mr. Peter Obi for the development. His words: “Oga was busy executing projects. He ended up not commissioning over 90% of the projects he did. He does not believe that Government should spend money that will otherwise be used in execution of projects for commissioning. I think it is a matter of preference.

He preferred execution of projects and since he handed over to the one that prefers commissioning, the natural consequence is that in the process of commissioning mistakes of facts and details, as happened in many projects already commissioned, including the Nkpor- Amawbia road, are bound to occur.

Obienyem said that the only problem Obi did not tackle on that stretch of road was the flooding problem at Ogidi. “If Awka is desirous of contributing anything to the road, they should tackle the Ogidi flood”, Obienyem said.

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