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NIS Recruitment : Protesters Besiege NASS …Say FG Yet To Fulfil Promise

Families of deceased and injured victims of Nigerian Im­migration Service recruitment exercise of 2013 besiege National Assembly In protest.


Families of the deceased and injured victims of the Nigerian Immigra­tion Service (NIS) recruitment exercise of 2013 yesterday in their numbers besieged the Na­tional Assembly to protest that the Federal Government is yet to live up to its promise as they are still yet to start work after employment letters were issued.

Speaking unbehalf of the group and addressing the rep­resentatives of the green cham­bers, Mr. Edmund Osumah said that after 1 year and 6 months since the incident occurred they are yet to get an explanation to why the letters issued have not been ratified.

“We urge you sir to expedite action, a year and 6 months is too long for the life of man who has gone through so much trials and trivial.

“The injured ones that you are seeing here were rushed on conscious to the various hospitals, as God will have it they were revived and resusci­tated and they were not counted among the dead.

“We were thinking that once these jobs come to the families and even the injured victims we will put this behind us and make it a memorial and contribute our quota in building Nigeria.

“We request for them to brief you on the status of the immi­gration victims both the be­reaved families and the injured applicants and ask them that why it that they have not re­leased those letters is, I believe by then you will hear from them and exactly why.

“For us, sir we have done all that we could, we have begged, we have pleaded, we have wait­ed, we have even fasted and prayed to the extent that no one seems to be answering us, “he lamented.

Responding the Majority Leader of the House of Repre­sentatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabi- amila while sympathising with the victims said that it is unfor­tunate that up till now nothing is being done about the sad situa­tion.

He said, “I want to assure you that few times do I give assur­ances, very few but I want to as­sure you that based on what you have said, we will definitely do something.

“I personally in my capacity as the House leader would take this matter up, all hands will be on deck to make sure this matter is addressed expeditiously and judiciously, I want to believe that a promise is a debt.

“I want to hold brief for the last government even if I was not a member of the party, I be­lieve when they did it, they did it with good intentions, but we don’t know what has made it difficult perhaps to implement what they have said, it’s a debt, we will look into it and summon whoever we need to summon and I’m sure it will be given priority.


– Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja



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