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Nigeria’s Politicians Selfish – Don

Titus Eleweke

Former Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Lagos Prof. Oyewo Oyelowo has described the Nigerian political class as the most selfish people in the world. Oyewo made the statement on Tuesday evening, while delivering the Wilson Badejo Foundation, 2015 Annual Lecture series titled “Nigeria: Entrenched Poverty And The Growing Under- Privileged Class: What Blue Print For Positive Affirmative Change’ held at the Nigerian Institute for International Affairs (NIIA), Lagos .

The professor law said that his interactions with some Nigerian political class show that they are the most selfish people in the world, they only think about themselves and not the larger society. “Our political class are the most selfish people, I have had interactions with them on various issues and occasions, ‘’he said.

The don said that severally, the country had had opportunity of having people who are Christians and Muslims that presided over the leadership of the country and yet their governances do not reflect Christian and Muslim values. “We are a religious country with high level of religiosity. We had presidents who are Christians and yet we did not see any Christian values and beliefs in their governances. We have also had presidents who were Muslim, and there were no Muslims values in their governances “he added.

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