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Nigeria’s 2016 Budget Missing?

There is confusion in the country that 2016 budget proposal submitted by President Muhammadu Buhari to the National Assembly in December may have disappeared , according to news reports.
Rumours making the round said that N6.08 trillion proposal for the year to a joint session of the National Assembly by the president is being sought after.
The National Assembly thereafter went on recess and was supposed to commence deliberations on the budget upon resumption on Tuesday.
But according to media reports, however, the National Assembly caused doubt when, upon sitting, there were no issues relating to the budget for deliberation.
It was later learnt from some of the senators that the budget was missing from the National Assembly with some beliefs that it could have been withdrawn by the presidency.
It was learnt that the senators got to know about the missing budget at a close-door meeting of the senators after it was announced by a Senator
“There was rumour before today that the Presidency has withdrawn the budget for reasons best known to them, but some of us did not believe.
“We resumed today to get confirmation that the budget was missing. Even if you want to withdraw the document, the right thing to do is to write to the House,” a senator, who pleaded anonymity, said.

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