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Nigeria Loses 1.2m Women, Children Yearly -Ministerial Nominee

Nigeria loses more than 1.2 million women and children during pregnancy and delivery, and preventa­ble causes, respectively, an­nually, Prof. Adewole Isaac Folorunso revealed yester­day during his screening on the floor of the Senate as a ministerial nominee.

Folorunso also hinted that Nigeria is the largest contributor of HIV in new born globally.

“Our major concern is that our health indicators are worrisome. Over 40,000 women die during pregnan­cy and delivery yearly, and we lose some 800,000 chil­dren from largely prevent­able causes every year.

“We are the largest con­tributor of HIV in new born globally. We must take a conscious decision to im­prove the health status of our women and children, and by extension, our men,” he said in his remarks.

While fielding questions from senators, Folorun- so disclosed that about 50 percent of abortions carried out is because of deformed pregnancies.

“University administra­tors have huge burden of sitting down to evolve solu­tions for poor funding of education and dilapidated infrastructure in the system. We must put funds in edu­cation.

“Cancer is a disease of the old age. Nigeria must prepare for potential ep­idemic in Nigeria. We should create platforms to educate women to say no to sex.

The health care system is seriously under funded. We have to recognise public health education in cancer in the country. We have to educate the citizenry on the preventive measures and curative measures, too.

“Forty to 50 percent of abortions carried out is be­cause of deformed pregnan­cies. The life of the Nigerian girl is very important. They need proper education on unregulated pregnancies,” he said.

He noted that Nigeria needs to empower the ca­pable hands in the health system to tackle the sector’s challenges.


– Teddy Nwanunobi, Abuja

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