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Nigeria @55: Don Lauds Nation’s Founding Fathers

A senior lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State, Dr. Gbade Ojo, has lauded founding fathers of Nigeria for their sacrifices to the country.

Ojo, who is the immediate-past Special Adviser on Political Matters to Governor Abiola Ajimobi, stated this in an exclusive interview with The UNION in Ibadan.

The don pointed out that what the country handed over to the nationalist leaders was structurally defective and politically immobile.

Stressing that the federal structure given by the colonialists is defective, he said: ” A federal arrangement in which the geographical size of the North is enough to swallow the other two regions put together. That is structurally defective. It is a country in which if the nationalist leaders were to be alive today they could not have done anything.

” This defect led to the first coup and bloodletting in which most of the leaders lost their lives. Today, Nigeria runs a federal system that is convoluted. That an average Nigerian is not satisfied with power issue and that is not the kind of federal system that would sustain development. A system that robs Peter to pay Paul in terms of revenue allocation. A system that is over centralized.”

He however commended Nigerian leaders for keeping the country as an indivisible entity.

“One major credit to Nigeria is that it still remains one. There have been a lot of doomsday prophecies that Nigeria would disintegrate after the 2015 elections. Despite its uniqueness in term of ethnic matrix, if Nigeria has not gone the way of Sudan, Somalia, Syria and others, the country should be given credit,” he said.

While charging the youths to seek more education to add value to themselves, the political scientist called on the leaders to be more dedicated and honest.


– Rotimi Agboluaje, Ibadan.

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