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Burudian refuges

Can UN Effectively Handle Burudian Threatening Refugees Crisis?

The Voice of America (VOA) report about white tents stretch almost to the horizon, lined up in neat rows across the red-clay and gnarled-tree landscape of eastern Rwanda, like an army encamped for invasion is quite disturbing.

It seems crises are the only major news happening everywhere in Africa, due to upheavals here and there by different interests’ groups pursuing one agenda or another.

According to the report, the refugee crisis is an army of fear and uncertainty whereby tens of thousands of Burundians who have fled the deepening political chaos in their home country, have created one of Africa’s worst refugee crises.

One of the refugees identified as Ruth Niyonger, was reported as one of at least 27,000 now living at the United Nations-administered camp near the town of Mahama, on the border with Tanzania. The report says she said she has no need for politics; what she needs is soap, which is what she was standing in line to receive.

“We have security here but we miss some stuff. Some get served, others not,” said Niyongere, who fled her home in Burundi in the middle of the night, along with her four children. “The last time we came for blankets, when we were still on line, we were told to go and come back tomorrow. The following day we could not get anything. We could not get cooking pots, sheets, kids’ clothes. Only a few people were able to get them.”

The question is, when are Africans going to stop fanning the embers of hatred against themselves and be expecting foreign countries to settle their self-inflicted problems for them?

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