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NEMA Urges Relocation Of Citizens From Flood-Prone Areas

Governors of states expected to be affected by flood in 2015 have again been reminded to urgently relocate their citizens living in the flood prone areas The states include Adamawa, Benue, Taraba, Kogi and Delta. Others at risk are Niger, Nasarawa, Gombe and Bauchi State. Mr Manzo Ezekiel, Information Officer of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), issued the reminder during interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday.

“NEMA had written and enlightened the governors of the frontline states on the need to urgently relocate their citizens living in the flood prone areas. “NEMA is set to provide relief materials for people who might be affected by the predicted flood in 2015.’ Ezekiel said that the predicted flood was due to the plan by Cameroon to routinely release excess water from Lagdo dam between August and November.

He said the safe relocation of everyone living in the coastal areas was the priority of NEMA, not necessarily the provision of relief materials. He added, however, that the relief materials included food and non-food items.

“NEMA has prepared enough relief materials for victims of the forthcoming flood, but we are looking at that as our last resort for people that will be affected.’’ Ezekiel added that NEMA was still carrying out advocacy visits and awareness campaigns in the flood-prone areas. According to him, NEMA has called on all relevant stakeholders to be prepared and ready to assist victims of the disaster.

  • Boniface C E Egboka

    Potentials for Flood Disaster in the Riverine Communities

    Dear Editor,
    The warnings from NEMA to the relevant State governments on potential flood disasters into some riverine communities of Nigeria are timely enough for them to listen and take immediate actions to suitably-relocate the people concerned. Let the NEMA warnings to the States and the people of the areas not fall on deaf ears as they usually do in this country. Some of our governments seem to usually-show deliberate deaf hearing mentality to issues that may involve the ordinary men and women in our country. These potential flood problems seem to have become an annual destructive event and yet our governments and their people seem to be always unprepared to tackle the unfortunate consequences that result in loss of lives and property as well as ultimate sadness, misery and penury. One is surprised that NEMA failed to include some other States that may be possibly-affected by the predicted floods; such States as Kogi and Anambra States should be included; the reasonwhy are these two States not included when they have been regularly inundated by floods that have been of disastrous consequences is unknown. NEMA and the relevant State governments should include Kogi and Anambra states in their flood alerts. Also the threatened States should consider most seriously the obvious possibility of relocating the people of the affected communities who continue to live in the threatened watersheds/wetlands to permanent stable non-flood prone environments for the future. It is high time the Federal government enters into serious negotiations with the Republic of Cameroon on the way and manner to manage the regular overflow of the dam water from the Cameroon into Nigerian communities. The annual ritual to and fro movements of the people of the affected communities in this country against the flood threats from this dam has become most disorganizing and embarrassing.

    Boniface Egboka
    (Environmental Hydrogeologist)
    Nnamdi Azikiwe University

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