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NDDC: Eyibo Lauds Buhari On Ekere’s Appointment

Francis Moses

Erstwhile spokesman of the House of Representatives, Hon. Eseme Eyibo, has lauded President Muhammadu Buhari for appointing a former deputy governor of Akwa Ibom state, Chief Nsima Ekere, as Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Speaking in a statement made available to journalists in Lagos, Eyibo said President Buhari has demonstrated his commitment towards finding a roadmap for the resolution of development hiccups in the Niger Delta region.

According to Eyibo, Chief Ekere will bring his wealth of managerial skills and experience to bear on the life of the region using the Commission as a tool to drive development and end restiveness in the area.

Noting that the Commission has, since inception, failed to address issues of strategic development of the region, Hon. Eyibo stated that the future now looks bright as change is sure to hit the region in a manner that defines the President’s concern for peace in the Niger Delta states.

“Since its creation, the agency has become a ‘behemoth’ of monstrous proportion occasioned by poor leadership recruitment, deficient human capacity strategies and diseased development model”, Eyibo stated adding that “the commission’s history is a profile of waste and institutional weakness ridden in crippling inefficiency and ethical misdemeanour”.

“The prevailing militancy and associated restiveness in the region have arisen from the deliberate negligence, and failure, of successive past governments to appoint persons of coordinated competencies into the management of the commission. There abound manifest evidence of declined corporate governance and disrupted master plan and vision of its progenitors; which have made NDDC a monument of self pity”, he noted expressing further that “President Muhamadu Buhari provides us an answer and a worthy roadmap into our future with NDDC”.

“He has added verve to his demonstrated commitment to reinvigorate our national institutions with the reconstitution of the Board and Management of the Commission with men of proven records and purposeful pedigree.

“The appointment of Chief Nsima Ekere as Managing Director of NDDC announces the return of ethical integrity and asset management regime to the distressed commission.

“Ekere,a diligent crisis manager, reform minded administrator and team building expert, shall no doubt lead the change by instituting the rebirth of the commission with strong human capacity development model and a new era of physical and infrastructural development strategies for the region”, Eyibo stated.

He also called on communities and stakeholders in the region to reciprocate the President’s goodwill by supporting the appointments and helping the new team to succeed.

“Therefore”, he said, “communities and various stakeholders in the region, are encouraged to oblige these appointments their goodwill and an investment of support as a new era beckons” as “change has begun at NDDC”.

He warned that the “Niger Delta region may never have so unique and strong a team than these appointments indicate” expressing confidence that the new team “shall enhance a return of our envisaged growth, development and opportunities in our region”.

“Mr President has earned our confidence beyond partisan considerations and it is now our lot to support his good initiatives for the growth of Niger Delta and our country”, Eyibo noted.


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