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My Prison Experience, My Pride – El Mustapha

… Says Experience Will Boost Nigeria Justice System  

Patrick Osadebamwen, Abuja

Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, the former Chief Security Adviser to the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha has said that he is proud of his prison life because it is part of his destiny and the experience would serve the nation justice system positively.

Al-Mustapha who spent about 14 years in detention after the death of Gen Abacha said his experience in the hands of his persecutors whilst in several prisons offers a great deal of learning to the Nigerian state especially it’s system of jurisprudence.

According to the intelligence officer his travails in prisons was season of testing and burning through the furnace and his survival after the whole process would be documented in a book that would benefit the Judiciary, law enforcement agencies and the Nigerian public.

Al-Mustapha said this, when he called the attention of the master of ceremony at the occasion of the 21-Man Award Ceremony where he was named the Grand Rescue Commander of Rescue and Guard Response Initiative (RAGRI), to note that “There is a pride in going to prison, I am proud of my prison life, it is part of my destiny” when the master of ceremony had tactically refrained from mentioning that major Mustapha was incarcerated at some time of his military career.

Responding to journalists who wanted to know why he is proud of his long period of incarceration, Major Al Mustapha said “First I think it will take time, I am writing a book on it.

“When persecution come to the fore, when the victim of persecution goes through the furnace of persecution and emerges at the end of the day, there is a whole lot of experiences in him, and when that comes to be presented from judiciary to the law enforcements, to the people, and to the custodians including the temple of justice, we have lot to learn and this will take us time, it is not for a short interview.”


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