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Ministerial Nominee Calls For Functional Infrastructure

Mr. Okechukwu Enyinna Enelamah, a ministerial nomi­nee has said that Nigeria would have to provide functional infrastructural facilities, if she hopes to see her economy grow.


Nigeria would have to provide functional infra­structural facilities, if she hopes to see her economy grow, a ministerial nominee, Mr. Okechukwu Enyinna Enelamah, said yesterday, while being screened by the Senate.

Fielding questions from the senators, Enelamah also urged those in the government to make our country attractive for inves­tors and investment.

“Nigeria needs to run an inclu­sive, which is an economy that creates jobs for the citizenry. We have to increase our capacity to invest by increasing our revenues. The taxes we collect are too small to sustain the economy. Nigeria should have a social contract with the people.

“We have a great opportunity to build a great country we all can be proud of. If confirmed, I will work tirelessly to help build Nige­ria. We are in challenging times, and we need to apply shared vision in tackling the subsisting challenges.

“We have to review our mon­etary and fiscal policies, and also ensure that agriculture and man­ufacturing are encouraged to be functional. We have to support industries by creating enabling environments for them to operate.

“We have to diversify the economy by exploring the non­oil revenues such as taxation. For the economy to grow, we have to create an enabling environment by providing functional infrastructural facilities. We have to equip our youth with skills so that they can be employable at any given time.

“We are in competition with other economies. So, we have to make our country attractive for investors and investment. We have to signal to the world that we are not a hostile nation,” he said.

Enelamah, who pointed out that no nation with a foreign-based healthcare would fully developed, urged the public
and private sectors to collaborate in tackling power problem in the country. “No nation can be said to be fully developed, if her healthcare is delivered outside.

The world is increasingly technologically driven. Nigeria has all it takes to bring in the best technologies, and this government will ensure that the best is delivered to the people.

The government is keen to bring prosperity to the people. “Foreign exchange management is one of the economic
policies. Regional political enclaves across the country should have enabling environments that can attract investors and investments.”

–  Teddy Nwanunobi, Abuja

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