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Gov. Mimiko
Gov. Mimiko

Mimiko, Ekweremadu Upbeat On Renewed PDP

Patrick Osadebamwen, Abuja

Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum, Olusegun Mimiko, has cautioned the party on implication of running with a divided house, warning that its disgruntled members and those of All Progressives Congress (APC) may emerge from the crises rocking both parties to form an alternative government in 2019.

As he spoke, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, also lauded members and leadership of the party for steering it away from the path of chaos saying the future looks good for the party.

Mimiko offered this counsel to the PDP at its 71st National Executive Committee (NEC) stressing that if the party managed her crisis with maturity and remained united, it would be able to provide Nigerians the alternatives that the present political reality demand.

“I have no doubts in my mind that if we put our acts together as party, will be welcome with open hands if we stand our grounds in 2019.

“If we mess up out of the ashes of the PDP and the APC, a third force will emerge. And there is nothing you can do about it.

“Nigerians must see the difference between PDP and APC quickly, we must get our acts quickly fashion out our perspectives of issues that will differentiate us clearly from APC and take it up to the market place.

“I have no doubts in my mind judging from the recent that barely one year of APC rule, Nigerians are thirsty and yearning for us to deliver a new type of change.

“When the expectation of people is not met as it is the reality today they will look for alternative. I pray and hope that they will get our acts together, that we will provide our country with that alternative”, Mimiko stated.

He however commended the leadership of the party, thus far, in its handling crises that engulfed it ahead of the convention more so that it has emerged united to go to the Port Harcourt convention.

According to him: “That 48 hours ago, people never had thought that this big octopus of a party would come together this way, all focused on the future. There is no question about the fact that recently we have had disagreements, we have had different perspectives to issues but in all of this, one thing that has firmed out at the height of the heat generated by recent issues hardly did I hear anybody say, I will leave the party. That shows that this party has a very big future”.

He commended chairman and elders of the party and all that worked to ensure that all the cleavages and centrifugal forces working to pull the party apart has been put to rest.

He maintained that there is so much work to do and prayed that the party comes out of the convention united to confront it’s 2019 goal of taking power from the ruling party.

“I have no doubts in my mind that there is still work ahead of us. I pray to God Almighty who loves this great party will ensure that this party comes out of Port Harcourt a bigger more resilient and a united party.

“Mr. Chairman, we are at a cross road of some sort, issues beckon to put all our disagreements behind us and to fashion out our unique perspectives that will differentiate us from the ruling party.

“Moving forward towards 2019, the issues about 2019 will not be about cheap issues. Propaganda will no longer sell in Nigeria.

“In the last couple of years, Nigerians have seen what propaganda can do and what propaganda can accomplish in terms of disinformation leading to complete shattering of hopes. Moving forwards towards 2019 solid issues would have to be canvassed,” he said.

Also speaking at the NEC meeting, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, said that over the last seven days “I have received a lot of messages from people who are worried that our party is trying to dis-integrate. Even those in APC that are already polishing their shoes to join us got worried that they may not have place to go. But today, I am happy and excited that our umbrella is getting better and better and those who want to join us are better informed and determined to join PDP.

“We admit that we have our challenges like another organisation. The good news is that we have the resilience, we have the experience and we have the desired determination to always resolve our differences. That is what is going for us.”

He commended the maturity of the chairman to work for the good of the party.

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