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Makurdi: FIRS Seals Akume’s Hotel, Others Over Tax Evasion

John Shiaondo, Makurdi

The Enforcement Team of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) has sealed Haf Haven Hotel owned by Mrs. Regina Akume along with, Gwalina Suites and Treaties Bukka for evading tax.

The team, led by Chinazor Edeh  in an interview with newsmen said the management of Haf haven owned by wife of Senator Akume, Gwalina Suites and Treaties Bukka have refused to pay tax amounting to N69.5 million to the revenue service.

“HAF HAVEN is owing N13,518,493.00 made up of unpaid/unremitted liabilities of the hotel in Company Income Tax, Education Tax, Withholding Tax and Value Added Tax between 2011 to 2016.

He also noted that management of the eatery joint, Treaties Bukka, was owing N52 million in unremitted Withholding Tax and VAT from 20013 to 2015, with Gwalina Suites Nigeria Limited  owing unremitted Withholding Tax and VAT from 2012 to 2016 amounting to N4 million.

The team ordered the Hotels and eatery to discharge their guests and customers while they locked up the gates and asked workers of the hotel to instantly leave the premises.

However, there was a mild drama when management of the hotel led by Mrs. Margaret Hinga, insisted that they could leave the premises off the hotel claiming that the company is not owing federal government such amount of tax liability.

Hinger who, however, admitted that the Hotel is aware of the tax liability noted that there was delayed in the payment of the said VAT because the figures were duplicated by audit firm mandated to audit the Hotel’s accounts, disclosing that they have already paid the sum of N700,000.00 to the tax office in Makurdi and appeal to the team not to seal the hotel as they are willing to pay the money.

At Treaties Bukka, the Chief Executive officer of the eatery who refused to identified himself given a reason that he is government appointee, disputed the warrant insisting that the name that was written on the warrant was disputable because his company’s name is not limited company.

He admitted that his company actually collects VATs on behalf of government without remittance.

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