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Leadership Crisis Rocks Kogi Assembly

Alleged Imposition Of Principal Officers Of The 6th Kogi House Of Assembly By The Ruling Peoples Democratic Party Has Tore The House Apart As 11 All Progressives Congress Members Have Refused To Recognize The Leadership.

Joseph Amedu, Lokoja

The alleged imposition of principal officers of the 6th Kogi House of Assembly by the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has put the house in disarray as the opposition members do not want to recognize the leadership of the house. On account of this, the first plenary of the house was marred by the action of the 11 All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers who walked out of the session in protest of the election of the house leadership, claiming that they were not giving room to participate in the nomination process in accordance with the rules of the house.

Though their threat to form a parallel house is yet to be carried out, the re-elected Speaker of the house, in an interview with journalists in Lokoja, the state capital, described the reason that made the 11 legislators to walk out of the assembly chamber as not tenable. Lawal said the walk out by the opposition legislators was premeditated and ill conceived plan to frustrate the activities of the People Democratic Party.

While lamenting on the rationale behind the action of the minority group to impose their will on the majority, the speaker described the threat by the APC lawmakers to form a parallel house as undemocratic and at variance to any form of logic According to him “it is not wise for the new assembly to start having problem because some members wanted to have their ways.

We are supposed to work together as a team so that at the end of our tenure we will be able to accomplish our legislative activities for the benefit of the electorate that gave us the mandate.” The Speaker, however called on them to toe the line of better reasoning and join hand with the majority members for the good and betterment of the state.

He assured the APC lawmakers that the leadership of the house would be fair to all members and be treated with respect and decorum, adding that while the minority would always be allowed to have their stay as they should be prepared for the majority to have its way.

Also speaking with newsmen on the development, the new Deputy Speaker of the house, Aliyu Akwu assured that the house would come out of its leadership crisis stronger. “I think that some times when an opinion has been expressed, it gives room for dialogue and understanding. I know that definitely we will come out stronger.

“By the grace of God, there will be tremendous development in the state, good laws will be made and I know that definitely, good things will come particularly to our constituencies and Nigeria in general,” he said.

On the alleged absence of due process and breach of House Rules in the election of the House Principal Officers by the Clerk, Mr. Simon Momoh, the deputy speaker said one should not expect perfection in human conducts at all times With the present confused situation in the Kogi House of Assembly, the truth and the reality of resolving the impasse will be made clear to the public during the next plenary of the house which adjourned till 13th August this year.

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