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Lawmaker Laments Hacking Of His Facebook, E-mail


A member of the Lagos State House of Assem­bly, Hon. Jude Idimogu has distanced himself from text messages being circulated on his email, facebook and other social media platforms, ask­ing people to pay money to a certain doctor’s bank account or send a credit card to his email, saying it was the hand work of mischief makers and scammers.

According to the lawmak­er, scammers on October 21 hacked his email address and facebook sending messages to his friends to the effect that “I made a trip to Addis Abba and unfortunately my niece had a fatal accident yesterday night and needs to undergo surgery which needs N85, 000 to start her treatment. Can you lend me some quick funds that you can afford for now and I will give back as soon as I get back.

“Sorry for the inconve­nience but I heard that she is in a very bad condition and needs urgent attention as far as possible. I can forward you details on how to pay the fund directly to the doctor since I am not around so that her treatment will commence before I return. You can only reach me via my email for now. Regards Jude.”

Hon Idimogu, represent­ing Oshodi-Isolo ii in the La­gos State House of Assem­bly, said he had gone to the said bank and confirmed that the account number where the scammer wanted the money paid is active.

He further stated that an­other version of the message on his facebook was that a “relation of mine needs se­rious medical attention but because I was in a meeting they should send credit card that as soon as I’m done with the meeting I will refund the money.”

Regretting that anybody would want to dent his rep­utation Idimogu said that he did not travel to Addis Aba­ba, neither did he solicit for money from anybody nor had any niece who is admit­ted in any hospital, calling on those who received the unfortunate message to dis­regard it.

The lawmaker also frowned at the recent publi­cation in social media saying that he was not happy with the use of native language in the House.


– Uzo Chikere

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