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Laughable To Say I Should Resign, Lasun Mocks Loyalists

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative, Hon. Yusuf Suleiman Lasun yesterday stated that it was laughable for any individual or group to call for his resignation, saying that he, his people and his state, Osun has contributed it’s own quota to the growth of All Progressive Congress (APC) in the country.

While receiving a delegation from Ilobu Development Association (Abuja Chapter) in his office in Abuja, Lasun said that it was not possible to reap where you did not sow referring to insinuations in some quarters that he should step down for Femi Gbajabiamila who belongs to the Loyalists group in the House of Representatives.

“So if an Ilobu man is the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria today, we have made our own mark and we have contributed to APC.

“Anybody talking about Yusuf Lasun resignation only want to cheat the Ilobu people who have toiled all day and night, having contributed to what APC is in Nigeria today.

“When I look at that angle alone I laugh, and I want to say this nature itself has a way of regulating things, we cannot want to benefit from where you have not sowed”.

He explained further that his getting into office as the Deputy Speaker was not an appointment but an election which he clearly won with 203 votes which makes his entry into the office legal.

“ On this note I’m assuring you, that not only that my colleagues on June 9, 2015 elected me on the floor of the House, it was not an appointment, it was an election that was beamed live, and it was watched all over the world, and don’t forget that there were 358 members of that House that were present inaugurated that day”.

According to him, having being elected as the Deputy Speaker of the House it will be difficult for anyone to say that he should resign as a way to which the APC will solve the lingering crisis in the House.

Addressing the Deputy Speaker earlier, the Vice Chairman of the Association, Alhaji Olayinka Ahmed said that they were at his office to show their support and solidarity in the wake of pressure from certain quarters on him to resign. “We are here to give you our maximum support as indigenes of Ilogu. We do not support any call for your resignation.”

  -Dyepkazah Shibayan, Abuja

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