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Lagos Warns Of Looming Epidemic In Police Barracks

Lagos State Government Warns Of High Level Of Pollution In Police Barracks In The State, Stressing That The Sorry State May Engender Epidemic.

Emmanuel Ukudolo

The Lagos State Government at the weekend warned of the high level of pollution in police barracks in the state, stressing that the sorry state may engender epidemic unless the situation is checked urgently. Deputy Governor Dr. Idiat Adebule made the revelation while speaking during the June 27, 2015, environmental sanitation monitored in Victoria Island.

The exercise also took the deputy governor to Victoria Island Police Station at Iru Victoria Local Council Development Area where officers of the police force were spotted living in deplorable state with their official residents showing cracks and seems ready to collapse in a matter of days.

Adebule appealed to the Federal Government to intervene in the deplorable condition of the police barracks. “I must say this that the state of the Victoria Island Police Barrack is in a deplorable state. With this state, something must be done to prevent epidemic. I want to appeal to the Federal Government to pay utmost attention to the barracks. We realized that over the years, the infrastructures in the police barracks are dilapidating.

And we are not comfortable with this. “As we are campaigning for cleaner Lagos, we believe that the central government should also assist the state government to attain a cleaner environment. They should adopt any strategy that could help improve the state of the infrastructures in the Police Barracks within Lagos.”

She explained that the essence of the sanitation exercise is to sensitize the public on the need to cultivate the culture of cleanliness in the state. She said that though residents of state are working to ensure that the state remains cleaner, they need to put in more efforts to attain higher level of cleanliness in the state.

“We believe that if we have a cleaner Lagos, we would be preventing epidemic. We have been to the major points were we have issues in this council and what we are trying to avoid is persistent flooding. We have noted all the areas. Work will commence soon to address the problem. “I want to assure residents of Lagos that this administration is committed to addressing issues that may inflict pains on them,” she said.

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