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LAGOS Lawyer Calls For Mediation To Resolve Kogi Political Crisis


Lagos Lawyer and Media­tion Advocate, Barrister Valentino Buoro has called on the Attorney General and Minister for Justice to imme­diately approach the Supreme Court to set up a Mediation Panel to resolve the ongo­ing political crisis engulfing the Kogi State Governorship election.

Barrister Buoro said in a statement in Lagos that ad­judication at any level of the Nigerian Courts may not entirely resolve the issues at stake given the fact that as at the moment, no provision of law specifically addresses the novel but unfortunate devel­opment.

According to him the ongo­ing political challenge in Kogi State provides a perfect sce­nario for the nation’s judiciary to call in aid the principles and practice of alternative dispute resolution which is most likely to assuage the deep emotions of all parties who today lay claims to superior arguments in a matter for which our stat­ute books have no definitive answer.

He said that a well constitut­ed Neutral Panel of Mediators will be able to identify the real stakeholders in the dispute and to explore their underlying in­terests with a view to reaching an outcome with which all parties can abide or live with.

‘’A multiplicity of legal opinions and unfathomable verbiage of all manner of public affairs analysts do not address the core issue of good governance and a political leadership freely elected by the people of Kogi State them­selves, since he who wears the shoes knows where it pinch­es.’’

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