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King’s College: Olapeju Bows Out

The outgoing Principal of King’s College Lagos, Otunba Dele Olapeju has advised the new Minister for Education, Adamu Adamu to give special consideration to teachers’ education in the country, if the sector must improve .

Olapeju whose will be bowing out from service on Saturday gave this advice on Wednesday, while briefing news men on the activities lined up to mark his final disengagement from the Federal Ministry of Education where he spent 33 years in active service.

According to him, Teachers’ education must be a priority to the new minister for education and federal government because untrained person cannot effectively impart positively on the children. He said that teaching profession had been neglected in the country over the years and there is need to give adequate attention to training and professionalization of teaching profession which is critical and core to any meaningful development in the in the country.

Otunba Olapeju also admonished the new minister to initiate a programme targeted at giving bursary to students who want to take to teaching profession to encourage younger Nigerians to become teachers, saying that lack of young teachers in the nation’s schools are serious threat to the development of the country.

“There is now how somebody who is not a teacher will teach the children and make any meaningful impact on the development of the school children. We need fresh and professional teachers in the nation” education system” he said.

According to him, if young Nigerians are encouraged to take to teaching profession through active support from the government, the country will benefit immensely from the professional handling teaching in our schools. He said it was fool hardy to think that, the children could get the best from unqualified teachers teaching them in our schools.

According to him, this is time for government at all level to regulate the activities of the private schools in the country, saying that without regulating the activities of the private’s schools, the sector may be in problems. He said, the major aim of the private schools were to make profits, and if their activities were not regulated it might lead to many things in the sector, among include, denying many children access to education due high fees and encouragement of unqualified teachers into the profession.


– Titus Eleweke

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