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Church founder, Apostle Odum
Church founder, Apostle Odum

Jesus Saves Church Celebrates 40 Years, Ordains Ministers

Ebere Chibuzor

Jesus Saves Church rolled out the drums on the 14th of August, 2016 to thank God for what He has done in the church for the past four decades.

The church anniversary celebrated recently at its headquarters in Ketu area of Lagos attracted Christians from far and wide, ministers of God and important dignitaries cutting across all strata of endeavours.

High point of the event saw about six ministers of God elevated to Apostles, four to Senior Pastors and two to the position of assistant pastors.

Ordained ministers are Apostle Comfort Odum, wife of the founder and President of Jesus Saves Church Worldwide, Apostle Chukwudi Odum, Apostle Boniface Emelenjor, Apostle Stephen Nwawolo, Apostle Kenneth Chigbogwu, Apostle Michael Mgbeze and Apostle Ekene Odum.

Pastor Ayodele Alonge was made a senior pastor; Pastor Sunday Etuonu, Pastor Nnamdi Okonkwo, Pastor E. Kenneth were elevated to the position of pastors while Emmanuel Dibia and Ifeanyi Odiwe became assistant pastors.

Speaking on behalf of the ordained ministers, shortly after their ordination, Apostle Stephen Nwawolo thanked the church and Apostle Odum for his love towards God and his mentorship

He advised members of the church to remain steadfast in the Lord because there is God in the Jesus Saves Church ministry.

He added that there are miracles, wonders in the church and people have repented from their sinful ways by receiving salvation by God grace.

In his words, “The attitude of the member of the church that by their fruit we shall know them; the gospels in Jesus Saves Church is undulated, it is not to please anybody but to please God for the kingdom of God as the appointed time. My prayer is for everybody to repent and be committed. They should also hope for the best in all area of life: spiritual, materially, physically, financially, and morally”.

“Nigerians should look up to God because without God, we can do nothing, in the book of John: 15v 1 to 17, it said, that without Jesus we cannot do anything, so Nigerians should not depend on man’s economic policy because it has failed us. The only thing that cannot fail is God. We should do more on prayers and work righteously. People should avoid corrupt tendencies and earn their living righteously because much of corruption and worldliness are things we can gather are wastage at the end” he assured.

In his own speech, the founder and President of Jesus Saves Church Worldwide, Apostle Chukwudi Odum narrated his experience in the ministry, saying that it is good to serve God as God provides for the person who sincerely serving Him.

He noted that the Almighty Jehovah God, initially revealed the noble assignment to him through personal dream on the 7th of September 1957.

However, Apostle Odum said that as a youth he felt that he could not carry on such noble assignment with his low educational background coupled with lack of finance. According to Odum, God lifted him higher by providing a job through which he was able to read further, making him to realise his dreams.

“This excuse gave devil chance to try me with enemy’s bullet which took me around so many healing homes and churches including Cherubim and Seraphim before eventually finding true God in St. Joseph chosen Church of God in the year 1966. On 10th July 1966, a confirmation to my dream came during the prayer that he is a chosen vessel and this was my first time of experiencing God in a true living Church”, he said.

Jesus Saves Church founder further noted that crusade of 1976 gave birth to Jesus Saves Church, Agbor, saying that “the first established parish that led to others; and even to this day, Almighty God is still bearing me witness according to God promises that He will not forsake me nor fail me”.

“The Church is rapidly growing according to the will of God of which, we can gloriously say that we have over thirty parishes spread across Nigeria. The Lord has used this vessel of His also to train numerous ministers of God in various capacities of which, in this memorable occasion, we shall be ordaining as well as elevating most of them accordingly,” he explained.

On suffering in the nation, he said that Nigerians dug their financial grave through corruption, adding that God bless this country abundance but the politicians are working only for their pickets.

According to the servant of God, there is no peace in the whole world and it is sign of Christ coming soon. He lamented over the activities of the Fulani herdsmen fighting the farmers in the southern region, which he said has contributed in the food scarcity been experienced in the country.

He advised, “Ministers of God should preach about repentance to the sinners to make heaven and enjoy life at last. Because, unless you are Holy before anybody will see God, and it is God’s commandment, Hebrew 10:14 stated that thou should seek after peace and Holies without that, which no man can see God”.


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