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Boko Haram Terrorists Surrender to Nigerian Army

Insurgency: CLEEN Foundation Assures Civil/Military Collaboration

Faith Aghaeze,  Abuja

A Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO,CLEEN Foundation, has called for better relationship and collaboration between the masses and the military as one of the most effective and efficient ways in fighting insurgency, most especially in the North Eastern part of the country.

Speaking on Tuesday during a two day stakeholders’ dialogue on civil military relationship in Abuja, the Acting Executive Director of the organization, Benson Olugbuo said with this synergy in place, the problem of insurgency and other criminal activities in Nigeria would be reduced maximally.

Olugbou noted that with the people providing accurate information to the military and they in turn are civil to them, there will be more collaboration which will eventually lead to the end of the menace.

He however regretted that rather than the problem of Boko Haram to unite the military and civil populace and they fight common enemy, it has further put them apart.

“An issue of concern in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria is in connection to civil/military relations. This war, for instance, has resulted into a heightened suspicion where Nigerians are no longer free and are easily suspicious of movements and even the sight of soldier.

“This negates the fundamental rights of the people to move freely throughout the country and reside in any part thereof as provided in section 41 (1) of the 1999 Constitution. The war on terror has also resulted in high level of internally displaced persons in Nigeria.”

Olugbou also said many successes recorded by the military in the fight against the insurgency were either under reported or met with a wall of distrust by most Nigerians, thus further fuelling a cycle of disbeliefs and further straining the relationship between both parties.

He therefore called for dialogue towards improving security relations and to position the military as a responsive and accountable government institution.

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