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Images Of Rot At MM2 Multi Storey Car Park

The MM2 Airport in Lagos was commissioned In November 2007 and is said to be the best of its type in Nigeria. It has a multi-layer car park which has raked in millions of naira for its operators.

However, owners of cars may be oblivious of danger facing their cars at the park.

Falling concrete particles may cause damage to cars though a ticket agent said the company managing the airport, Bi-Courtney, will have to pay for any such damages.

The pictures below were shot at the car park on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 from the first floor of the park.

20160816_113922 20160816_113955 20160816_114026 20160816_114039 20160816_114047 20160816_114104 20160816_114118 20160816_114132 MSCP


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