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Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu

Ikpeazu Scores Election Petition Tribunal High

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Governorship, National and State House of Assembly election petition tribunal in the state.

The state government has expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Governorship, National and State House of Assembly elec­tion petition tribunal in the state describing it as true reflection of justice to all parties concerned.

The Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Mr. Godwin Adindu, who said this while addressing Journalists in Umuahia, the State capital, noted that Abia people are happy with the judg­ments delivered so far by the members of the tribunal, even though they are yet to complete their assignment.

He added that the people of the State are very much happy with the pain staking efforts with which they have addressed all issues brought before them.

“Election cases are not quit easy but the tribunal has taken pains to address all the matters before them one after the other.

“Abia people are happy with all the judgment so far. We be­lieve that all the judgment are fair to all concerned and they have reflected the true taste of justice and the wheel of justice has been allowed to run its full course in election cases in Abia State,” he said.

Adindu condemned the at­tempts by some elements of the major opposition All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in the State to dent and assassinate the character and the integrity of the honourable jurist of the tribunal by accusing them of collecting bribe from the PDP as well as compromised with properties in the united states of America for them to alter justice.

The governor’s Chief Scribe insisted that such allegations and accusations levelled against such honourable jurist were not palatable at all and at the same time do not reflect the true identi­ty of the Abia people and as such the Abia state government wants to disassociate herself from such comments.

“We vehemently condemn the action of those making such comments in totality and we also want to advise them to refrain from insulting the intelligence of our judiciary.

“We as a people respect the rule of law, the impartiality of the judiciary, we respect the judi­ciary as the last bastion of hope for the masses and therefore will not be happy when anybody or group of persons tries to dent the integrity of the Nigerian ju­diciary.

“We believe that the tribu­nal members have done a good work in Abia State and they are going to complete their work successfully having taken the final written addresses of both parties and having dismissed sine die. We all also hope that they will come up with the date of the final judgment which will be fair to both parties.

He also condemned ‘the se­rial campaign of calumny’ that has been unleashed against the honourable tribunal on the pages of newspapers by APGA mem­bers in the State, adding that just from last weekend there have been four full page advertorials alleging all manners of things against the tribunal members.

“In one of such advertorials the authors even campaigned for the jailing and execution of the members of the tribunal. We say that the people who have been making such attempts to under­mine the judges are not guided by good morals and wisdom and therefore we ask them to refrain from such act without delay,” he added.

Adindu pointed out that the chairman ofthe major opposition party Rev. Austine Ehiemere fur­ther embarrassed the State when he openly denied having knowl­edge of one of such advertorial he authored and signed which was published on page 49 of the Nation newspaper on Friday the 16th of October 2015.



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