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Peter Obi

I Didn’t Owe Any Debt As Anambra Governor – Obi

Former Governor Of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, Says He Did Not Borrow From Any Organisation, Both Within And Outside The Country, As Governor.

The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, said he did not owe any debts or borrow from any Organisation, both within and outside the country when he was Governor. He spoke through his media aide, Mr. Valentine Obienyem.

Obienyem who said that his attention was drawn to the news publication in the Pilot newspaper, classifying Anambra State among those owing various sums of money, with names of their culpable governors attached. The error, in the case of Anambra State, lies in the fact the paper gave the impression that the 17.6 billion was incurred during Obi’s tenure.His words: “While we recognize that States are owing under different governments, I make bold to say that under Mr. Peter Obi Anambra State did not borrow any money nor raise bonds.

The state only guaranteed the sum of N1 billion borrowed by farmers in the State from Fidelity bank. The development loan offer from the World Bank for education and erosion control, which has a 40-year moratorium, was not drawn down by Peter Obi’s government.

Not even one kobo was taken when Obi was the Governor.” Obienyem said that the irony of the Nigerian situation today was that while other States raised bonds and borrowed money and still owed salaries and consequently left big debts, Mr. Peter Obi fulfilled all his financial obligations without owing salaries or contractors; and without raising bonds.

Despite this he still left N75billion (cash and investment) for the State. Obienyem said it was on record that he even liquidated arrears of pension and gratuities amounting to over N37 billion owed in the state since 1991. “Even in his handover note, Obi excluded about N5billion already made available to pay the March 2014 salaries, pension and gratuity as well as for certificates for already executed projects as part of the money he was leaving behind”, Obienyem said.

Obienyem, who described Obi as a prudent and consummate financial planner, said that the 156 Million Dollars he saved and interest accruing thereto was today worth over N35billion excluding the Naira component of the money he left”, Obienyem said.

He said that the interest the savings will yield in 40 years would be enough to pay off the development loan from the World Bank. Obienyem who disclosed that the Debt Management Office can always confirm the financial situation of Anambra State during the time of Peter Obi and at all times, also challenged any person insinuating that Obi borrowed money to name the financial institution through which he did that.


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