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I Did Not Order Use Of Hijab In Public Schools -Aregbesola

Yetunde Oladejo, Osogbo

Governor Rauf Aregbesola, Monday said that neither his government,nor himself, has ever ordered the use of hijab by female Muslim students in public schools in the state.

Are‎gbesola stated this at the roundtable on Development Collaborative Framework for Education Development and Advancement organised by the Development and Advancement in Western Nigeria (DAWN) in Osogbo.

The governor also challenged those accusing him of ordering the use of Hijab by Muslim female students to come out with concrete prove to substantiate their mischievous claims.

He equally challenged those accusing him of plunging the state into religious crisis to the present a video or voice recording, written speech evidencing‎ where he commanded or ordered female Muslim students to wear Hijab on their uniform.

‎He stated that all programmes introduced by his government into the state’s education rebranding are resolutions that came out of the education summit organised by his administration shortly after coming into office.

Aregbesola noted that the resolution of the summit, headed by Professor Wole Soyinka, never considered nor recommended any religion.

Speaking on education in the southwest, the Governor noted that the downward trend in education should be worrisome due to the role of education in development and bringing enlightenment to the human mind, ‎platform for leadership recruitment and the means for character building and good citizenship.

“There is nothing religious in any of our policies. The fact on ground contradicts our opposition’s claim. The choice of my deputy governor tells it all, I knew she is a pentecotalist of the highest order before I picked her. Everything we have done in the line of education is in line with the resolution of our education summit.

“Against all speculations, I have not ordered the use of Hijab, I challenge anybody with evidence to come out and show that I have made a proclamation on Hijab.

“If I have permitted Hijab will the muslim have gone to court to challenge it, is that not contradictory?. Is it a crime that I am a Muslim, is it because I struggle to be a good Muslim that everything I do is being misunderstood?. I think I don’t deserve all these lies against me”, he said

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