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How Buhari Will Kill APC – LP

Labour Party Asks President Muhammadu Buhari To Seek Guidance From His APC On National Issues Rather Than Kill The Party Which PDP Describes As Intolerant Of Democratic Ethos


President Muhammadu Buhari may have to work out a new trick to stave off rising opposition against his leadership style which the Labour Party (LP) has now frowned upon, and asked him to listen to internal voices from his All Progressives Congress (APC), and also seek further guidance from there.

Making the call yesterday in Abuja, National Chairman of the Labour Party (LP) Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam, said President Buhari should retrace his steps and go back to his political party, to seek guidance on critical decisions.

Abdulsalam said the detour had become necessary so as to bring Buhari’s policies in accord with the manifesto of his party. As he spoke, Peoples Deocratic Party (PDP), took a swipe at the APC describing it as incapable of tolerating criticism which it dished out in large measures when PDP held sway at the centre.

Abdulsalam, who spoke at an interaction with journalists in Abuja said that President Buhari’s actions, and inactions, must be carefully studied and corrected such that they do not endanger democracy in the country.

The LP leader said, “the President is currently giving the impression that he is bigger, greater, wiser and more knowledgeable than his political party”, adding that Buhari’s “sense of self-supremacy is what will kill APC”.

When asked to comment on the delay in cabinet formation by the president, Abdulsalam said: “I don’t know the versatility of Buhari in reaching out to people all over the country because he was a minister, governor, head of state, general and now a President. If after, all these background and pedigree, he has no much people to rely upon at the blink of an eye to produce 30 people to occupy sensitive and prominent people, then there is problem ahead.

“I will advise the President to go back to his political party, rejuvenate the party, bring their heads together and then he must have absolute confidence in his political party to guide him, to enable him to do what he should do for Nigeria. The way I’m seeing it now, Buhari has more confidence in his CPC people than the totality of APC.

“What I’m saying is that Buhari should evolve confidence in the totality of APC people, relate and interact with them, get their advice and work out policies with them because as at now, no party policy is working in APC. Nothing will work. This old man, Lai Muhammad, cannot even defend the total failure of APC; he is no longer vibrant. He is at a loss.

“The President is giving the impression that he is bigger, greater, wiser and more knowledgeable than his political party. That is why Buhari’s sense of self-supremacy is the one that will kill APC and it is dangerous for Nigeria because they must be there for four years. He should go back to the drawing board with his political party.”

Commenting on the opposition role the People Democratic Party (PDP) is playing, Abdulsalam noted that both PDP and APC are one and the same, saying PDP for now does not have capacity to become an opposition party when compared with the Labour Party

“The PDP is not an opposition party. They are learning to play the role of an opposition and they have not been able to get it and they can’t get because it is just like saying the King, the Queen should come and be in opposition, it will not work. APC is an off-shot of the PDP. PDP now and APC are one and the same thing.

“So PDP cannot sufficiently say it is an opposition party. It is them who are still struggling to call themselves an opposition party. They are asserting it and Nigerians are not accepting them as an offshore party because they have failed, they have shrunk and cannot raise their heads again”, he noted.

However, PDP has described the APC-led government as inclined to totalitarianism and intolerant of democratic ethos.

The PDP said this informed APC’s attacks on her officials instead of attending to the issues raised on the party’s detour from the nation’s democracy to fascism.

According to the opposition party, resort to blackmail and diversionary tactics would not deter it from exposing the deliberate agenda, already in motion, by the present administration, to destroy the nation’s democracy and impose a dictatorship on the country.

The party said by resorting to insults, threats and personal attacks on its leaders, instead of responding to issues of emerging fascism raised by the PDP on Saturday, September 20, 2015, the APC and the Federal Government further confirmed their intolerance, disdain for democracy and frenetic appetite for totalitarianism.

National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olisa Metuh in a statement yesterday said Nigerians await answers to issues it raised earlier.

Metuh said Nigerians would not be hoodwinked by the antics of APC’s spokesperson, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, whose cleverness in using insults, personal attacks and wild allegations to divert attention is well known.

“While we understand the nervousness of Alhaji Lai Mohammed to remain relevant, especially in the face of desperation for an appointment, this administration must come to terms with the fact that democracy requires accountability, adherence to the rule of law and constitutional order, and not the crass infractions, executive arrogance, intolerance and undermining of the legislature; the symbol of the sovereignty of the people, which we now witness under the APC.

“The question is, has the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government not exhibited all the trappings of despotism, including ruling without a constitutional component of a cabinet, persistent abuse of power, corrupting of democratic institutions, quest to appropriate the National Assembly, in spite of the principle of separation of powers; invasion of state government and personal houses, injecting confusion into the judiciary and hounding of individuals perceived to be against its interests?

“What is APC’s position regarding the anti-democratic statement by the President, who, in an interview, during the recent visit to France, expressed his reluctance to appoint ministers, in addition to his disparaging allusion to cabinet ministers as noise makers? Does this not smack of totalitarianism?

“How else can one explain the relentless interferences in the activities of the National Assembly, a separate and independent arm of government, in addition to the bitterness with which the Presidency and the APC hold the duly elected leadership of the Senate, simply because it is not occupied by their preferred candidates?

“If not for a possible ulterior motive of appropriating the federal legislature as a means to undermine its statutory role of checks and balances and set the stage for dictatorship, what other reasons could there be for the current fixation on the leadership of the Senate by the APC and the Presidency?

“Nigerians are still waiting for APC, a party which prides itself as a progressive platform, to respond to the widely condemned invasion of Akwa- Ibom State Government House by the Department of State Services (DSS), under the direct instructions from the Presidency. Is it not part of the plot activated for possible forceful takeover of PDP states and impose a one-party regime in Nigeria?

“What about the July reprehensible invasion and sealing of Rivers local councils by the federal controlled Police, who also barred members of caretaker committees that were duly appointed by the state government to take charge of the councils?

“In the same vein, how else can one explain the undue interferences of the DSS in the activities of election tribunals in PDP controlled states of Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Delta, Abia, Taraba and others where electoral officers are being harassed, intimidated and detained, ostensibly to influence judgments against the PDP?

“This is not to talk about the intolerance and arrogance witnessed in the venom with which the APC attack well-meaning Nigerians, including highly revered national leaders, for daring to counsel the Federal Government on some observed undemocratic tendencies under their ‘new Sheriff’, a development which has resulted in the setting in of an environment where citizens, irrespective of political affiliations, can no longer freely express their views.

“Is the PDP therefore not justified when we described as a mockery of reasoning, President Buhari’s choice words to condemn the coup in Burkina Faso whilst his government engages in brazen contravention of our own constitution?

“Whilst we note the failed efforts of the APC spokesman to divert attention, we invite the Presidency and the APC to be informed that their attempt to harass and/or intimidate us with plethora of well instigated, sponsored, immature and wild allegations can never deter us from remaining focused on issues.

“Nevertheless, as we restate our commitment in providing issue-based opposition as well as our support for the fight against corruption, our final word for the APC spokesman on this, is that being ethically challenged, includes (allegedly) embezzling funds meant for fencing of an airport in an APC-led South West states.

It also includes when one fraudulently refuse to supply ambulances after collecting monies from another APC South West state. “It is then a comedy of roles when Alhaji Lai Mohammed speaks on corruption, a topic he practices and has well learnt, being a personal aide to one of the most corrupt politicians.


– Dyepkazah Shibayan & Patrick Osadebamwen, Abuja

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