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HOS Discovers New Method To Assess Civil Servants

Charity Simon, Abuja

Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Mr. Danladi Kifasi has said that he has identified the need to build the capacity of the civil service across the board through a Structured Mandatory Assessment-Based Training Programme (SMAT-P). Kifasi who made this known yesterday at an interactive session with civil servants in commemoration of the Civil Service Day celebration in Abuja, noted that the programme has been developed in partnership with reputable international training organisations and world-class experts.

According him, the SMAT-P would make it possible for every civil servant to be equipped with the basic skills and knowledge in order to discharge their duties professionally, knowledgably, competently and effectively. “The curriculum and training material from the scheme have been fully developed in partnership with the Management Development Institutes, both local and international training experts.

The OHCSF is currently receiving nominations from MDAs for the commencement of the programme in July 2015,” he said. The Head of Service further said that given the dwindling economic resources in Nigeria, and the need to encourage the in-country capacity building, they have issued a circular restricting foreign training and foreign travel by public servants. “Specifically, the circular stated that most training activities should now take place in Nigeria and that attendance at the foreign events should now be at no cost to government.

The effect of the circular is that there has been a drastic reduction on the number of requests for permission to travel abroad. “This has saved government a lot of money in the short time that it has been in force and has the potential of growing locally based training in Nigeria.

The OHCSF has embarked on some key initiatives that have the potential to reposition the civil service in particular and the public service at large. “The OHCSF looks forward to working with the new administration to carry forward these initiatives and other schemes aimed at creating a modern civil service that focuses on delivering high-quality service to citizens,” he said

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