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Group Petitions NASS, Others Over Alleged Police Discriminatory Promotion

Teddy Nwanunobi, Abuja

Palpable discontentment is being brewed among the rank and file of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), following an alleged discriminatory promotion that was carried out in the Force in recent time.

The UNION reports that the alleged discriminatory promotion left out no less than 900 Police officers on the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) from being promoted to, at least, the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

To further prevent an ugly effect of such discontentment from snowballing into serious crisis within the Force, a strong petition against the Force Headquarters, Abuja has been forwarded to the National Assembly and Presidency, with a copy sent to the Police Service Commission (PSC) by a group, Concerned Nigerian Citizens (CNC), on behalf of the affected officers.

In the petition signed by one Mr. Fred Nwa, the Group alleged that the left out Police officers are aggrieved for deliberately being sidelined in the last promotion exercise carried out by the Force.

Specifically, the officers as stated in the petition, are aggrieved that, while hundreds of their course mates (ASP Course 2010) were promoted to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), or given double promotions to the rank of Superintendent of Police (SP) last year, they were not considered in anyway.

They further alleged that even with available slots of 6,899 for officers on the rank of DSP in the Force, going by the directive given to that effect by the Commission, the Police highest hierarchy in Abuja, is not looking at that direction for such exercise.

The petition also accused officers in the office of the Force Secretary of perpetrating the discriminatory exercise within the Force by narrowing down on one Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in charge of Discipline, ACP Jonathan Toworu.

According to them, Toworu had, at different fora in recent time, boasted that the affected officers of Course 1/2010 will never be promoted as long as he occupies his seat, where he has allegedly spent 10 years.

They, therefore, recommended in the petition that the Presidency should mandate the Police Management Team and the Commission to look into the discrimination in the promotion scheme.

They particularly urged the Police Management Team and the Commission look into the activities of Toworu along side the evil manipulation and selective promotions perpetuated by his office.

The petition, which was received in the Senate on March 7, is, however, yet to be treated on the floor.

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