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Group Commends Buhari’s Anti-Corruption Crusade

The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), a coalition of over 400 civil society organisations has commended the vigour being demonstrated in the anti-corruption crusade of President Muhammadu Buhari which has resulted in the arrest and interrogation of alleged high profile looters of the nation’s treasury.

In a statement issued and signed by Ibrahim M. Zikirullahi, the TMG Chairman, in Lokoja recently said it is coming at a time when Nigerians were beginning to nurse doubts about the change mantra due to the return of debilitating fuel queues.

He said the latest wave of arrest of former government officials linked to the grand scale plunder of the nation’s financial resources, has again reassured Nigerians that the change mantra of this government is on course.

TMG lauded the President for showing the courage and resolve needed to bring the plunderers of the nation’s commonwealth to book.

“We call on the President to stay the course. The President’s demonstration of courage should be emulated by all other institutions critical to winning the war against corruption. In this regard, TMG calls on the judiciary and the legislature to adjust itself to the realities of the anti-corruption crusade,” he stated.

He further added that Nigerians are overwhelmingly behind the President as he moves to rid the nation of graft.

The TMG Chairman equally called on the judiciary to realise that it is no longer business as usual but must now have to adjudicate cases of corruption with the national interest at heart.

“The people of this country will no longer tolerate black market judgments such as frivolous injunctions, and all manner of delay tactics aimed at frustrating the cause of justice.

This has been the hallmark of a corrupt section of the judiciary over the years.”

TMG therefore called on the Chief Justice of the Federation, Justice Mahmud Muhammed to provide robust support to the President’s antigraft drive by ridding the judiciary of bad eggs who would want to connive with treasury looters to subvert the cause of justice.

For us in TMG,” it is heartwarming that at long last, yesterday’s men of power are being picked up and taken to task about how they mismanaged, stole or misappropriated monies belonging to the Nigerian people.”


– Joseph Amedu, Lokoja

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